Forces Classic Champions – Becky & Shaun Sharman

We have just returned from a weeks fishing in France Abbey Lakes in the Forces Carp Classic which is a competition held over a week, this event is open to all serving  & Ex serving members of the Armed Forces plus Emergency services (Police, Fire & Ambulance) with a handful of invited civilians.
So we were very honoured to be invited to one of the best organised Carp events. It was our first time at Abbey Lakes so the only home work we had was watching back at the previous years competitions, with Kingfisher Lake being our number one choice we were hoping to pull that lake on the draw. However there was 4 other lakes which we needed to avoid, luckily we came out 6th in the draw and pulled out the Kingfisher ball to which we had first choice of swim which we choose Peg 40 which is better known as (Kingy).
Also we were able to form a Team, which consisted of ourselves and my England Team Mate Miranda and her father Ozzy who were fishing  Wild Boar the lake adjacent to us, there was 16 teams for this event and with Miranda pulling a great peg too we were feeling really confident with the total weight from both lakes. After settling down in the swim markers were out finding the clear spots as Kingfisher is quiet weedy, Shaun fished the left hand side on a known spot for catching, where I was on the right it took a while until I was happy. I, found a lovely clear spot at 100 yards just in front of a big bed of weed. 

After putting 20 spombs, of Crushed and Whole Triple-N Boilies with Bloodworm Pellets soaked in Worm Liquid and Krill Stick Mix Liquid over each spot we then tossed the coin to see who’d have first dibs on the first take, this is something we do when competing as you then care for all 4 rods rather than your own, working as a team knowing exactly where eachother are fishing can be an added advantage. As the night pulled in, the lake was shimmering with the Full moon, we were awoken at 4am with a screaming take coming off the right hand spot, Shaun managed to land our first fish which was a 17lb Common,  it must of been the smallest fish in this particular lake but we didn’t mind we were off the mark .

We went all through the day without catching  and into the night just topping up our spots every 5/6 hours hoping to get another bite in the early hours, 8am came and we were scratching our heads as no sign of fish and nothing to report, we freshened our baits up, I changed all my rigs to the washed out Pink Triple-N Pop up on a Ronnie Rig that we had the first fish on, putting the right rods back out and topped up the spot with freebies ,and within an the hour had a one tonner, lifting into the rod it was peeling line off the spool and heading straight for the weed!! Keeping  the pressure on I managed to pull through and after a very hard fight managed to land 45lb 9oz Mirror again things went quiet for the rest of the day  and working out that bite time was coming early hours we decided to bait heavily that night and sure enough we had our next bite at 2am in the morning Shaun Landed a  32lb 9oz  Mirror, then another take at 9am which felt like a good fish, plodding along and holding it’s own I landed a whopper 53lb 14oz Mirror.

Over night we were in second place as a team and as a pair on Kingfisher lake and 6th Overall with a long way to go. Topping up our spots more regular now and pulling over a 3rd rod to our right hand spot as it was starting to rock!! with takes coming more regular 3 more were  caught through until midnight one of them being my New PB of 58lb Mirror, and now the pressure was on us we were not only leading our Lake and the Team but overall too!!! 

Knowing we had to reel in for the afternoon for a Hog Roast and social at HQ we spent an hour spodding to keep the fish in the swim, and after returning later that evening re-cast and the first one was away within minutes with a common at 25lb 8oz. it turned out to be a quiet night after all, we were expecting it to kick off, after a storm passed very early the next day our rods were wiped out by a fallen tree luckily nothing was damaged and after a short while we were fishing again, and landed a very angry Mirror at 36lb 2oz which flat rodded Shaun. 

Nothing else was caught until the afternoon we kept the bait going in little and often and I landed a stunning 48lb 3oz Mirror, we were still plugging away going into the last evening still leading the way but anything could happen at any time so we decided to move all 4 rods over to the spot that was producing hoping to secure a few more fish before 9am the next morning.


It was definitely a very nervous night with no sleep as we seemed to get takes within an hour of spodding  we stayed up all night and spodded 3 every 2 hours, we had a successful night managing a 46lb 13oz Mirror and 41lb 3oz too, news round the lake was we were 96lb ahead and once the final hooter went we had done it!!!

Overall winners, Individual winners of the lake and Team winners!!  Happy Days!

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