Fishomaniac Champion – Lee Werrett

Lee Werrett recently added the title of Stafford Moor Fishomaniac Champion to his list of achievements following a prolific two days of competition at Devon’s premier commercial fishery. He tells us how it unfolded here… 

I was heading back down the M5 to the wonderfully beautiful Stafford Moor for the annual Fishomaniac 2 day event the format is simple come top 3 in your 10 peg section and you qualify for the 18 peg final the next day where you are fishing for a £1000 winners purse and very generous section prizes easy eh!?

Day 1 – Peg 5 Woodpecker
I really didn’t mind where I drew with 3 lakes in use and 60 anglers spread over them woodpecker had broken the venue record in the practise match the day before with a whopping 487lb from Steve Ford a good friend of mine so to say the lake was fishing well was an understatement. My match was an easy one to go about really I had a lot of water in front of me to go at so I made the decision to keep things really simple 3 pole rigs and a lead rod a pellet rig a paste rig and meat rig the pellet and paste was to be fished at 13m meat for 5m and bomb for 3/4 the way across the 60m expanse bait for the pellet line was 8mm Bait-Tech Carp and Coarse Pellets later 6mm of the same fished in conjunction with the best ever paste mix ever – Special G Gold the bomb line was the same fed but never fished same as the meat line which I never picked up. I caught 4 fish on pellets first 20 mins but fizzing became a problem que the paste rig a 4×16 middy xk55 mounted on 0.22 flourocrystal line a real take no prisoners set up but when in Rome and all that the upshot was that I had 32 fish for 214lb and won the section and qualified for the final with 130lb being 2nd in the section.
Day 2 – THE FINAL Peg 2 Tanners
Now Tanners had fished quite indifferently so the draw was very important and I think that to win you defo had to be in the bottom section you had England internationals, fishomania qualifiers and a host of very good anglers on the line up so when I drew peg 2 I thought straight away I had a chance but was still up against very good anglers on very good pegs but also some very good anglers where on not so good pegs my set up was exactly the same as the day before but this time I decided to fish 2 paste lines and this was to prove the key i set up to fish at 2 an 10 positions started on the 2 position and caught 2 good carp straight away with the odd small skimmer thrown in the wind was horrific and that’s why I put the 10 o clock line in, it was somewhat protected from the island my 2 o clock position started to become invaded by tiny skimmers tried feeding them off but couldn’t but by now I was in a strong position with over 100lb in 3 and half hours eventually I had to move incredibly I had been feeding this line with a catapult for 3 hours and I had not seen a sign not one single bubble where as the 2 position had been boiling away like a witches cauldron.

I had been on this line for maybe 5 mins and was thinking oh dear that is that when out of the blue whack its gone under and a very handy 12lb hit the spreader block as I was putting it in the net I’ve glanced up and there are quite a few bubbles just exploding on the surface back in and another fish and to be honest with about 90 minutes to go I was behind a very good friend of mine Paul Tidball on peg one who fished an outstanding match and I was thinking come on I then went on what I can only describe as one of the best last hours I can ever think off in all the matches I have fished putting almost 100lb in the net in the last hour to weigh 253lb odd.

I thought Paul may have close to what I had and maybe Gareth Lennox on the point close as well scales would tell everyone saying I had won but I’ve been 2nd twice on this match and thought I had won it so nervously I followed the scales Gareth weighing 189lb and Paul 193lb I had done it I was overjoyed and the £1000 was nice too so to finally win it after coming close in the past is fantastic a big massive thank you to my sponsors for the continued support  Middy and Bait-Tech’s help is much appreciated and without their help I would not be able to compete at this level so a big shout out to them!

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