Surface Fishing Edges – Ben Hart

Bait-Tech’s Ben Hart has an enviable record when it comes to targeting big carp on the surface during the summer months. A master of the shortest sessions Ben gets big results on limited time and here he tells us a few tricks on getting more from your floater fishing! 

I must stress that I always try and do this process the night before angling as this gives the pellets plenty of time to soak in the liquid added enabling the correct consistency of the pellets.

First of all I’ll start by adding 3 bags of 6mm Xpand pellets to a bucket. Then adding about half a bottle of the Krill and Tuna Super CSL and giving them a good stir and shake to make sure all the pellets have a good covering.

After doing this I’ll the leave pellets for about 3 or 4 minutes then drain all the excess CSL Liquid back into the bottle making the CSL go a lot further.

I’ll make sure to give the  pellets a good shake several times before I go to bed just to keep the liquid evenly covered over the pellets. The next day the Xpand Pellets should be nice and spongey and squash between your fingers and perfect for feeding carp.

Then all that’s left to do is give them a slight glaze of Krill & Tuna Oil to help flatten any surface ripple that may be on the lake.  My hookbait of choice to couple with the pellets is a trimmed up Krill & Tuna 15mm pop up  which is usually trimmed to the size of a pea just to imitate the pellets themselves.

This process can also be done using larger Mixers or pellets but you may need to leave the CSL Liquid on them for a slightly longer period  before draining off the excess back into the bottle. 

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