Boosted Hookbait Tactics – Samuel Thomas

Samuel Thomas has been enjoying some great results thanks to a neat and simple boosted hook bait tip which he shares with us here… 

So here is how I boost up my hook baits using Bait-Tech Triple N Range.

Step 1 So to start off I like to mix up 3 liquids, these consist of the Super CSL Liquid, Nutty Oil and Triple-N Stick Mix Liquid. Find a suitable container to mix these together.

Step 2 – Taking a syringe I like to take 3 syringe full of Super CSL liquid, 1 syringe full of Triple N Stick Mix Liquid and 1 syringe of the Nutty Oil. Mix that together in the container until you have a nice consistency and leave.

Step 3 – Using the Triple-N boilie range I like to take some 15mm Triple-N Shelf Life boilies and put these in the tub and will leave them to soak for roughly 3-5 days. In this period the boilie is absorbing the liquids and taking in all the flavours, they might change in colour slightly but don’t panic! That’s a good thing.

Step 4 – After leaving for 3-5 days I will check on the boilies and instantly you will smell the flavours! Now I have a hook bait that is absolutely oozing flavour as well as the Super CSL releasing the Aminos that will trigger the carp to feed and get grubbing around the spot! This can be used on pop ups to create deadly snowman rigs or alternatively the liquid can be injected into Solid Bags to flavour the bags contents.

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