Clubman Winners 2 July 2019

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However your club match has fished, if you’re a member of Clubman then your result will see you in with a chance of pocketing one of the weekly Top 10 prizes, rewarding performances not just on pounds and ounces, but merit too. Each winner will pick up a Bait-Tech prize.

This week’s Top 10 prize winners:

Name Club Catch Bait Venue
Terry Commer Jnr Ongar DAC 93-12-0 carp/bream Pellet Southend Farm Fishery
Pete Lewis Golden Oldies 133-2-0 F1s/barbel Pellet Lower Park Fishery
Tom Howard Mocatra AS 178-5-0 F1s Pellet Orchard Place Farm
John Beeton King’s Langley AS 220-12-0 carp Pellet How End Fishery
Pete Clarke Littlemore AS 13-12-0 roach Maggot River Thames
Mark Nunn Royal Oak Brentwood 217-0-0 carp Pellet Orchard Place Farm
Colin Sadler Dukes AC 24-12-0 roach/rudd Maggot Cobbleacre Lakes
Paul Speirs Gladstone AC 198-4-0 carp Pellet Janson’s Fishery
Dale Foss Gladstone AC 21-1-0 roach Hemp/tares River Trent
Ian Pritchard Alliance & Leiciester Liverpool 209-8-0 carp Pellet Chapel Pool

Are you in this week’s top 10? To claim your prize, contact us on 01473 241811 to arrange delivery. Don’t forget to leave your email address with us to receive our monthly newsletter.

To join the Angling Times Bait-Tech Clubman scheme, call Richard Grange at Angling Times on 01733 395109 or email: . Richard will register your club and send you some match report cards so your results can be printed in the paper.

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