Huge Tench Haul – Tony Curd

Bait-Tech Consultant Tony Curd recently had the Tench session of a lifetime banking a string of huge Tench including his first ever double figure specimen. He tells all about the session in his latest blog…

As many of you know I’m a match angler first and foremost but in my downtime I do enjoy other branches of the sport and trying to (not often successfully I might add!) catch some big fish of various species. Up until now my biggest ever Tench was a 7lber caught during a match many years ago but have never fished for them exclusively.

I spent 48 hours on the bank for this trip but typically with Tench they only feed for short spells early morning so stopping on for the night only really allows you to make the most of this period, with two bites of the cherry I was hoping to catch a few decent fish. Tactics were your typical big fish methods – helicopter rigs and maggot feeders with short hook links with maggot hook baits. Spombing out a mix of Bait-Tech Bloodworm Pellets and Superseed Chilli Hemp glugged with Triple-N Stick Mix Liquid and recasting the rods regularly – hoping that a proactive approach would bring a few bites.

The first evening I managed a carp of probably 16lb and the night remained silent. Before first light another bombardment with the spomb prepared the swim for prime bite time and at 4.45am I had my first bite – a bit of a scrap through beds of weed soon saw my first Tench in the net, and it wasn’t a tiddler, the biggest I’ve ever seen in fact – going 8lb 3oz, a new PB! After putting that back I had another bite 40 minutes later – a darker fish and even bigger at 9lb, another PB I was absolutely made up and thought I’d never beat this one – two Tench for 17lb in an hour, ridiculous!

From mid morning onwards there was an incredible amount of rain, increasing wind and even the odd clap of thunder about which made me question my sanity and whether a 9lb Tench was enough! I decided not to fish through the night and wind in, get some sleep and put the alarm on for an early start. I didn’t get a lot of sleep as the weather was a joke and by the time my alarm went off at 3.35am I was a little fed up as I mixed a bit more bait for the early morning spombing session! After feeding the swim and casting out – I got back under the brolly and waited an hour before the right hand rod sprung to life and a succession of Tench between 5 to 7lb+ kept me busy! I even added another carp to the tally around the 14lb mark.

After the early morning madness bites dried up, with packing up looming I put the rest of my bait in and just left the rods out for the long soak! A random bite produced another Tench, 8lb 1oz this time and after a two hour lull in the middle of the day completely out of the blue with most of the kit packed away I had another bite this one felt completely different to the rest and pulled my arms off for nearly ten minutes, if it was a Tench it was going to be big and as it went into the net I knew it was a bit special and bigger than anything else I’d caught. On the scales it went 10lb 3oz, a fish of a lifetime – with the fish put back safely, the feeder was bitten off and slung into my bag, I wasn’t topping that! 

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