Shallow Water Problems? Attack your way to more fish with this tip

Something Ian Didcote gets asked a lot is how to tackle large expanses of shallow water? A lot of our fisheries in this country, especially commercials, are only a few feet deep and with stocking levels varying it can leave you a little confused as to the best line of attack. Unless you know what species you are targeting a simple catch everything policy must be the way to go. So how do you get the best from these situations?

For most parts these days the bulk of your quarry will be skimmers, F1s and carp and with this in mind, something all fish love is groundbait, there is no better attractor. On large open waters I have always found it best to kick start with several big balls thrown in as this not only gives the fish plenty of feed to graze on but will make an attractive noise to help pull those fish into your swim rather than cupping where you rely on the fish finding the bait which can take longer. Let them know it’s there!


The mix I go for in these situations is a simple 50/50 mix of Bait-Tech Special G Green and Special G Gold. The reasoning for this is simple; it has an abundance of super high grade fishmeals (GPS90) something that all fish see a lot of these days and actively look for. It is super fine in texture and because of this will breakdown very quickly. It also has enough binding power to carry any particles should I want to add them.


Blend the dry ingredients and mix in a large bowl adding a little water at a time. It is important to let the groundbait stand for 20 minutes to absorb the moisture so revisit and add a little more water  where necessary. I always riddle my groundbait to remove any lumps and also add air into the mix to give it a nice fluffy consistency.


Make several balls up, notice how fine the texture of the groundbait is, this will breakdown very quickly, ideal in shallow water.


Always give yourself something to aim at. Try and feed half a meter back from your tip to give you room to fish past your feed if you need to. On these shallow venues quite often the fish will just hang back and going just past your feed can be devastating.

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