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The banks are now littered with leaves which means autumn has arrived and winter is coming my approach to bait starts to change ahead of the colder months. It’s nothing revolutionary by any means but a few simple tweaks that I feel give me an edge and put more of those valuable percentages in my favour! Everyone knows that autumn is a great time to be out on the bank, the water temps start to cool and the carp use this time to start packing it on to sustain what they need to keep them going through the colder months.

So my main baiting approach for the autumn is to use 10mm Triple-N Boilies. With lakebeds now covered in leaf debris, dying weed and general chod this is where the 10mm’s really come into their own. Being smaller in size this allows them to descend slower and lightly land without burying themselves amongst the rotting detritus. I always tend to bait fairly lightly (venue dependant) as normally I’m fishing for a bite at a time or trying to buy a quick bite so knowing I have bait visible on the lake bed is obviously a bonus. Before my sessions I boost my boilies for as long as possible by adding liquids. It’s a great way of enhancing the free offerings leaving them slowly leaking attraction rather than taking on the smells of the lakebed. Although Triple-N boilies are nut based I want them soak up and leak off as much food signals as possible so I opt for fishy based liquids such as the Super Fish Oil and the Krill Stick Mix Liquid. The benefit of adding the Super Fish Oil is that it will rise up through the water column drawing carp down and triggering a feeding response.

Throughout the colder months my sessions are usually much shorter in length so Pop-Ups are my go to choice of hookbaits and normally blobbed onto a short chod section as part of a Hinge Stiff Rig. This allows the hookbait to sit prime above anything that lays below it and offers maximum hooking potential. Now the colour of the Pop-Up can often get chopped and changed throughout the session depending on how it pans out but I will normally fish with 2/3 different colours until I get a bite or I feel like I should be opting for one colour over another. This can be anything from a Hi-Viz Super Fruit Pop-Up or Triple-N Pink Specials to something less blatant like a Triple-N Pastel Pop-Up.

There is no right or wrong but keeping your options open definitely helps with putting those extra percentages in your favour and figuring out what is the going colour on the day. When fishing with Pop-Ups don’t forget to check its buoyancy and balance in the edge beforehand. Before casting out dip the lot into a bottle of the liquid giving it a light coating. Doing it this way rather than soaking the hookbaits it doesn’t affect the buoyancy of the pop-up. Basically if a pop-up soaks up too much liquid it will become less effective, which is important when you’re relying on the pop-ups buoyancy for the rig to work.

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