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Making the most out of PVA…

Using PVA when carp fishing has become very popular for most anglers due to its versatility and I personally very rarely cast out without it in some shape or form. However there are many ways to use PVA giving you various presentations of your rig, hookbait and its contents. So once it’s out in the lake, the PVA will dissolve leaving a pile of free offerings around your rig.

So what can you use in PVA? Usually only dry contents however particles, nuts and even sweetcorn can be used if some groundbait, stick mix or salt is added. Pellets are usually the go to choice in PVA bags and they work very well due to their oil content luring carp down from the upper layers.

What are the options? Well first we have PVA string or tape both pretty much serving a similar purpose. More of a traditional way to use PVA, one that has seemingly gone out of fashion of late but string or tape can be used to create a ‘stringer’ which is number of baits such as boilies threaded on with a baiting needle and attached to your hook. The baits can be left whole or even halved when threading onto the PVA and one other benefit is that you can wrap the tape around the hair onto the shank of the hook alleviating any tangles on your cast.

Next up is PVA mesh and by far the most popular use for PVA in carp fishing. There are so many on the market nowadays in various mesh width sizes and these will cover most carp fishing situations. Mesh bags melt quickly and can be used in a variety of ways. One way of nicking a bite can be by using a coloured pop-up over a meshed bag of pellets as the bright stand out visual of the pop-up amongst the dullness of the pellets is like the cherry on the cake. Adding a squirt of PVA friendly liquid to some Stick Mix groundbait can also create an attractive little cloudy parcel and again leave your hookbait in a prominent position for a pick up. Meshed bags or sticks are perfect for flicking or lowering into margins as they offer a mouthful of attraction and by pulling your hook point into it protects it from pricking any debris that maybe on the lakebed.  

Now Solid PVA bags are another firm favourite of mine as they can be filled with smaller items such as pellets or crumbed boilie, just as long as it’s completely dry. They can be prepared in advance and used on pretty much any lakebed. Solid bags are perfect for casting to showing fish as once the bag is tied down tight it creates a perfect aerodynamic bag that can fished at fairly reasonable distances. For an extra edge they can be injected with PVA Friendly liquids and oils so that once the PVA melts the liquid disperses and draws fish down to the contents of the bag.

And last but not least is Rig Foam. These foam nuggets are used directly on the hook of your rig. They are perfect for masking the hookpoint when fishing over bottom debris with just single baits and allows the rig to slowly descend to the lakebed before dissolving leaving it prominent for a bite. They can also be used to trap the hair of your rig in place to prevent any tangles on casting leaving you confident that your rig is presented correctly.

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