Short Session Fishing – Martyn Davies

Short Session Fishing – Martyn Davies

If you follow any of my social media, you will know my fishing has changed over the past year, especially as I’ve gone from every weekend on my recently departed syndicate to cramming in evening’s and or work overnighters on busy club waters. Two very different scenarios although keeping the same mind-set of being motivated and mobile which is therefore the key of my approach.

My work overnighters as far as preparations go is all about being organised and scaling down my gear, as in the weight and quantity of what I am taking. Literally the less I need to carry the better as mentally it puts me in a better headspace to get on my toes and I am more likely to do so without having to move everything plus the kitchen sink.

Being lightweight and mobile it means I can spend plenty of time looking for signs of carp on arrival. Essentially what I’m trying to do on an overnighter is locate fish, this isn’t bait and wait, it’s me finding them, not them finding my spots. Location is key to any success, so don’t be fooled into thinking the rods need to be in the water quickly to make the most of a short session. I’ll walk the banks, watching the water and looking for any signs, so get ready and use your hunting instincts. I’ll look under bushes, round the margins, and anywhere that I think carp will patrol to give myself the best possible chance of a bite.

Heavily glugged boilies such as the Bait-Tech Triple-N are my go to bait for a number of reasons. Firstly, because they are super absorbent meaning the liquid I soak them in prior to my sessions disperses over the short time I am fishing leaking maximum attraction. They are easily digested by fish so they are quickly on the lookout for more and being shelf-life baits it’s also a massive advantage, as a bag or two can easily be stored for any last minute visits to the lake.

Obviously the quickest way to catch on a short session is being able to put a rig on fish that I’ve seen on my travels but it goes without saying the rig should be up for the job and certainly don’t just make do because sometimes we can be tempted to simply use what was left on from the last session. Think about what you are fishing over. I use a Slip-D rig for bottom,snowman,wafter baits on cleaner lakebeds, Hinge Stiff Rigs for my pop-ups on choddier bottoms and a simple uncoated short knotless knot rig inside solid PVA bags. With short sessions you may only have time to get one bite, so it is vitally important that you fish efficiently and effectively. Don’t leave anything to chance.

One last tip is don’t forget the surface fishing kit. In reality there’s pretty much nothing to carry, it can be left rigged up and is always ready to go. Carp certainly don’t need a lot of encouragement to soak up any bursts of sunshine so you can have some really exciting visual fishing very quickly and often nick yourself a bonus fish. Well worth thinking about.

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