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It has been a great year for fishing around my local area so far and most anglers on the bank have reaped the rewards. By keeping it simple and not trying to over complicate things, the bites have kept coming. 

Two sessions that stand out recently, were both on the River Ouse at Littleport, both being totally different approaches. The first I decided to try to target some of the resident, all be it elusive, skimmers and bream. Now the conditions were far from perfect for my attack, clear,  bright and sunny…but I stuck with my plan none the less. Tailoring my groundbait mix to suit, I set out my stall with a sweet fishmeal mix of Pro Natural Bream and Special G Gold, which I had mixed the night before.  Kicking the swim off with 15 big feeder fulls, packed with Super Sweetcorn Natural and caster, I set about the waiting game.  A few early taps from roach, before the tip started to nudge and show signs of a few fish in the area.  After a few decent skimmers, I started getting savage line bites which drove me slightly mad to say the least.  Persevering with my plan, I soon had a few fish feeding a bit more confidently and eventually did manage to snare some big skimmers and a cracking bream. A great session and target species located and caught, making it better being tough hot conditions. 


The second trip on the same venue, I decided a long over due slider session was called for.  Sitting on peg 24, I decided to fish one line at roughly a third of the way out. On this line I had around 15-16 foot of water, which I plumbed up to start around an inch or two on the bottom. Groundbait for the day, was a 50/50 mix of Pro Natural Dark and Pro Natural Fine Lake Dark, once again mixed the night before. 
To kick the swim off, I introduced eight balls into the swim, four containing plenty of caster and four neat without. Using a 10g Dino Slider Champion Bream, double caster, there wasn’t much waiting around for bites and I had a net roach first put in. For the first couple hours, it was literally a bite every single cast if not a fish, all of which were roach. Once the sun came up over head from behind the clouds, it became slightly harder to stay in touch properly, as the fish were up and down in the layers. I still managed to put the odd fish in the net, but no where near the flurry of the first few hours.  Topping up with a ball of groundbait when the bites eased, brought a few fish but the pole would’ve been a better method of choice, as Iain on the next peg proved in the afternoon.  Between us we both had well into double figures at the end of the session and a very enjoyable one in good company it was too. Autumn has always been another great time to target fish around the area, so hopefully a few more great sessions on the bank are to come!
Tight Lines
Steve Cowley

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