Back On The Bank – Dave Williams

Not getting out for a number of weeks I was eager to wet a line on the bank, so I went to one of my local waters within a 10 minute drive away called Brookside which is located in Warrington Cheshire, the plan of attack was nice and simple, a two rod set up one using a Hybrid feeder and the other was to be Pellet waggler, I did bring along the pole but had no intention of using it unless things were hard going.

Leaving the house in the morning the weather was shocking to say the least, heavy rain and a hard blowing wind greeted me as I started the drive up to the fishery, on the plus side the air temperature was still nice and warm. Arriving at the Fishery I decided to fish Kingfisher lake, with around 20 pegs and three islands running up the middle of the lake it was an idea venue for the plans I had to fish, deciding to fish peg 5 in between two islands it gave me an array of options.

Set up for the day, like I said, a simple day first rod was a inline 18g Hybrid feeder as I only had a short chuck to either island and the open water in between, onto this feeder I was going to load 2mm Carp and Coarse Pellets with a good helping of Sweet Coconut Liquid to help bind the pellets together a bit more, but more so to add a bit of scent and flavor into the water after each cast. Hook baits for the day consisted of 8mm The Juice Dumbells Sinkers and Wafters and also a change to 6mm Carp and Coarse pellets. On the Pellet waggler, I opted for 6mm Carp and Coarse Pellets.

The wind and rain had increased while setting up on the bank and I was thinking it might be a one rod job today just on the feeder, I had a number of casts on the feeder but no bites in the first hour and I was getting a bit worried I had made the wrong peg selection, so I loaded the feeder with more pellets but added a shot of the Coconut liquid over the top of the pellets and changed the hook bait from a Dumbell to a 6mm Pellet, the change was instant and I was into my first carp, a few more carp followed but it was not solid by any means, swapping and changing from a 6mm pellet to a 8mm Dumbell saw a few carp hitting the net with some proper pull rounds on the rod tip, nothing massive but up to 4lb was an average stamp. The bits had slowed down but the wind and rain had eased a bit so I decided on giving the pellet waggler after seeing some fish topping off the edge of the island, set the float to 12” deep with a 6mm Pellet on the hook and as soon as the float hit the water it never came back up, first fish 2lb fully scaled Mirror, that was me then for a few hours getting myself into a rhythm firing 4 pellets out, making the cast, firing 4 more pellets and then twitching the float and after each cast it was either a fish or a bite, with some lovely looking carp too, I even had a couple of ornamental Carp in the shape of a Koi and a lovely bright orange gold fish, fantastic action on the waggler. While fishing on the waggler, I was prepping a top kit line for the pole for the last hour of my session with the 2mm Pellets I had mixed up for the feeder earlier, just plopping a hand size ball in every 5 minutes it was not long before I began to notice tails and fins breaking the surface, I set up a topkit with one extra section and gave it a blast for the last hour. The previous day I had chopped some meat into 6mm cubes and added some Krill Stick Mix Liquid to it and left it in a bag overnight in the fridge and thought I would bring it along just in case, the action on the top kit for the last hour fishing so close in was fantastic with Carp to 6lb and lots of them too.

All in all what was a poor day to start with the weather turned out to be a great days fishing, with the weather on the turn it was nice to be able to catch on methods that you might think will start slowing down about now, but keep trying and see how you get on.

Tight lines
Dave Williams

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