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I ventured out to a local water for my latest session called Cat Rough fishery which is situated in Cheshire within 15 minutes of my home, having fished this water during the winter and also a couple of times during the summer over the last two years I have become familiar with the lake and also the fish stocks too. Previous visits have brought me some good days and some hard days too but still always nice to be on the bank, catching lovely nets of Silvers during the winter, to having one Carp on another outing during the winter, and then in the summer having nets full of Carp with the average size being around 5lb in weight, so I headed back with a new idea to try an all out attack for the Carp.

I was looking forward to the session because I intended to use just a small selection of baits, normally I would go fishing with a full side tray of numerous baits including Pellets, Wafters, Corn, Meat, Paste, Maggots, Casters and the kitchen sink…. this session was all about “Special G”. I had brought along Special G Soft hookers (The Soft Hook Pellets are soft, sinking hook pellets which have been designed to be versatile to all fishing situations) in Green, Gold and Dark, I had also brought along a bag of Special G Green Groundbait to “ball and cup in” and also to use as Paste, a tin of meat cut into 6mm squares and a bottle of Special G Glug to add to the meat to give it a lovely coating of sticky gluggy love.

I had a simple kind of day planned in my mind, close in on the pole on all lines, I had marginal lilly bed to my left hand side and  clear open water out in front, so the plan was to fish the Special G Paste close to the lilly bed and the Special G soft hookers straight out in front, again fishing top 2 plus 2 on the pole, and the meat line was to be to my right hand margin 2 plus 1 on the pole, (I also had a Bomb Rod set up to use but never used it on the day).

The Special G Green groundbait has many uses and like I said earlier I planned on using it in two ways, one was to make a standard groundbait mix and ball or cup it in over my Soft hooker line and meat line too, and the second way was to make it into a lovely Paste which I have use in the past and knowing its pulling power I was looking forward to using it on this venue.

Kicking off the session I started out in the open water using a Green soft hooker, I remember looking at my watch at 07.55 and by 08.00 my first carp was in the net, with a lovely looking Common of around 4lb sliding into the net, it fought hard, the venue was deep and it was charging to the lilly bed on every lunge. The Carp seemed to be lining up, after each put in I managed to hook a Carp but not being able to land each fish as they where like speeding trains heading towards the lilly bed as though the knew how to shed a hook if they got there. I decided there and then to step up my elastic on the pole to try and help the situation with them heading for the roots of the lilly bed, this seemed to help my catch rate after that, catching on the various colours in the range. During my time on the Soft hookers I had been hand feeding small amounts of the Groundbait over the paste line and was ready to give it a go, again the swim was deep even with it being closer in and again after hooking a fish it ran straight into the snags of the lilly bed, so yes I upped the elastic and was ready to go again, a size 12 hook and what seemed like a massive ball of paste was getting taken after every drop in, this time I could steer them away with the step up in the elastic. Lots of Carp where caught on the paste with a couple hitting 8lb, the paste seemed to be the bigger fish catcher on the day too.

Most of the morning I had been cupping in the Groundbait mix at around 9 meters out but tight to the edge of the bank and I noticed some tail patterns in the water and went in with a cube of meat coated in the Special G Glug and it was fish on, cupping more Groundbait in I was able to keep the Carp coming out of the margin for a couple of hours until it was time to pack up. I ended the day on 32 carp and some Roach too falling for the Soft hookers, I caught on all baits today which I was happy with, being confident with your Bait choice is number one priority in my opinion and with the Special G range of product you too will be confident heading out onto the bank!

Tight Lines

Dave Williams 

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