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Since my last report I’ve fished a couple of really enjoyable matches, starting with the last league fixture at Perry St Pond where I was standing in for someone again. We all knew which pegs we’d be on and my home for the day would be peg 16. Not my favourite area if I’m honest although it did okay in the last match. It was already shaping up to be a really hot day and it looked like summer had finally arrived.

I got to my peg and there was nobody in peg 17 which is always a bit of a bonus. I set up my trusty inline dibber to fish 6mm banded pellet at 11.5 metres, a Drennan 0.4 gram Carp 1 for the 5 metre meat line plus a little handmade float for the inside on my left at top two plus two. On the side tray I had live and dead red maggots, 6mm meat and Carp and Coarse 6mm pellets, I also mixed up some groundbait for the margin line.

On the whistle I cupped in some meat at 5 metres and then two pots of loose groundbait up the edge before shipping out the shallow rig with a 6mm banded pellet. I barely had time to fire some pellets out when the float buried, I lifted the rig and a fish bow waved off! I dropped the rig in again and away it went, this time I connected with the fish and safely netted a nice common, what a start! The lad on my right was fishing a feeder up the edge and was into a fish straight away and then added a second and a third in quick succession! I had my second carp and looking up the pond, I could see pegs 7, 9 and 10 all into fish. Before the first hour came to an end, I had my third carp and it was neck and neck between me and the angler on the next peg.

If the first hour had been really good, the second hour was anything but, there were plenty of carp swimming about but they didn’t want to know. After such a good start I didn’t have anything in the second hour. As we approached the half way mark, it was now really hot and there were carp everywhere but they were playing hard to get, finally one slipped up and after a lengthy battle I slipped the net under a lovely 8lb plus fish. There were odd fish being caught but nobody seemed to be running away with it. I’d been feeding meat regularly on the five metre line and also cupping in the odd pot of loose groundbait up the edge. With around two hours to go, I could see quite a few bubbles coming up over the meat line so it was time to try it for the first time. I lowered the rig in and toss potted some meat over the top, after a few minutes, the float slid along the surface and I struck into thin air!

Next put in, after a few minutes, the float went again and this time I connected with it, initially I thought it was a good skimmer but it woke up and a brief scrap followed before I netted a chunky mirror to put me on seven carp. I missed a good bite next chuck and was starting to think there might be a few fish there. Typically, the float then just sat there and it was black with carp on the long line now the pole wasn’t waving about over their heads. I quickly tried up the edge but never had a sniff so it was back out shallow doing a bit of stalking, I had another to put me on nine fish and with around half an hour left, I had another go up the edge but still no indications and I spent the last ten minutes back out shallow but didn’t add anymore to my tally. The all out was called and apparently somebody had eleven carp and there were a few people with nine or ten so this could all be rather close.

As the scales started their journey around the pond there was a 36lb from peg 2 and then the chap on peg 5 had ten carp for 44lb 4oz and I didn’t think I had that, I thought I might have around 40-42lb (three fish for 18lb and six averaging 4lb apiece). This was the top weight until we got to peg 9 and the lad with eleven carp, he weighed 50lb 2oz. Peg 12 put some lumps on the scales to weigh 43lb 14oz and go into third place, I was hoping I might sneak into fourth place but when we got to my peg, it was called at 45lb 2oz and I’d gone into second place. Back at the results, I was called out in second spot and had a nice pick up of £85.

My next match saw me at Summerhayes on Sellicks lake, the draw was announced and I pulled out peg 9 which was also a golden ball although it was only worth an extra £8. It was hot and quite humid and there were loads of carp swimming about. I set up a 0.3 gram NG Mini Gimp to fish top two on my right and at top two plus one straight out and a 0.6 gram Malman Pencil for three ten metre lines, to the right and straight out which I would feed with micros and then at the same distance to my left but down the middle which would receive two balls of groundbait. As always, my side tray was nice and simple, 2mm Carp and Coarse micros that I’d soaked the night before plus 4mm Xpands for the hook, I also mixed up some The Juice and F1, two of my favourite groundbaits for commercials.

On the whistle I fed all five lines before starting on the top two line, there were quite a few small bubbles coming up which I didn’t think were carp. After five minutes, a really good bite resulted in a small carp tearing off which rather knocked my theory into a cocked hat! Next put in the float sailed away and the strike was met with solid resistance, this fish wasn’t doing much and I felt sure it was a skimmer but then a small carp came up, hooked in the wing! A third carp followed in quick succession and that was enough of that!

Next up was the ten metre micros line and I’ve had a couple of indications before swinging in a 2oz skimmer to open my silvers account, next chuck I had a decent skimmer of 8oz but then I foul hooked a carp briefly and it was already obvious they were going to be a problem as they were coming up for floating debris and several times the float has gone sideways as one has swum into the line. By swapping between the two lines I’d fed with micros, I added another three skimmers between 6-8oz to finish a fairly busy first hour with five skimmers for 1.5lb and three carp.

At the start of the second hour I’ve hooked a decent fish which I just knew wasn’t a carp and a lovely little crucian around the pound mark popped up and I netted it safely. I had a couple of blades and another decent skimmer and although I wasn’t bagging, my silvers catch rate was chugging along nicely. I was swapping between the three longer lines but a couple of tries over the groundbait only resulted in carp.

I was dripping in some micros on the two shorter lines and as per usual wanted to leave the top two plus one line as long as possible before trying it. There were quite a few small bubbles coming up on the top two line and they didn’t look very carpy unlike the three longer lines which were all fizzing like jacuzzi’s. The third hour was a bit of a struggle and in amongst hooking carp, I only managed a few blades, it started to rain quite heavily too and I had to put on my waterproofs.

With half the match gone, I had around 3.5lb of silvers and I was off the pace as normally 10-12lb is needed to win the silvers on this lake. I tried the top two line and had several carp but did have a nice little 8oz tench, a decent skimmer and a blade to add another pound or so to my total. I was dying to go on the top two plus one line which I’d been priming all match so with two hours to go went on it for the first time. After a short wait, a lovely positive bite resulted in yet another carp making a bid for freedom.

My next fish was a decent skimmer that flew out the water followed by a blade and then another decent leaper before the carp moved in again. With carp now blowing on all five of my lines, I tried fishing away from the bubbles but only had the odd blade and there were carp just everywhere. I did manage another nice little tench from the top two plus one line and had a couple of blades from the ten metre groundbait line, including one right on the whistle. My final tally was 26 silvers (2 tench, 1 crucian, 8 decent skimmers and 15 blades) which I thought might go 6-7lb but I didn’t think it would be enough today.

As the scales reached me, there had been some decent carp weights with 109lb 7oz leading the way, my dozen or so nuisance carp went 36lb 8oz and my silvers went a level 8lb and as I followed the scales round, that remained the top weight with 5lb 10oz the next best. Back at the results and I picked up £40 including the golden peg money, only my fourth ever bonus ball win.

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Jamie Rich

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