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So it was like starting all over again after May was pretty much a write off with the car prang but I was back on the road and raring to go! I was itching to get back down the club lake after a few weeks off to carry on with the work overnighters. The first trip back I found them showing about 40-50 yards out within minutes of my arrival so that was my mind made up on where to drop into for the night. I was feeling rather hopeful of a fish with the amount of activity in front of me but strangely I had very quiet night and the following day was pretty much a direct replica with lots of fizzing but again it left me scratching my head.

Last month also saw me make my return to a reservoir that I hadn’t visited for over 6 months which I was extremely excited about. Knowing what swims around in there the 4am alarm clock couldn’t come sooner. On about 4 hours sleep I was on the road to meet Matt and make our way to try bag ourselves a scaley one. From the off they weren’t shy in showing us where they were location wise and in our 3rd spot of the day Matt managed to land a pristine common of 19lb about 15 mins after casting out after we decided to move on the end of a proper fresh wind! It seemed to be start and stop with the shows through the course of the day and it became apparent that they started to hold up in one area which I just wasn’t going to reach from my current location so again I was on the move and for my rewards I had an incredible 20lb+ scaley Mirror sulking in the net from long range. I won’t go on too much about the day as you can see it unfold over on my YouTube channel where there is a video of the entire session! Check it out here

I also decided to share an idea on my various social media pages about putting together a QnA video giving you, my followers the chance to put forward any weird, wacky or fishing related questions and I would answer them in a little video to get to know me more personally. Thanks again to those who sent over questions I enjoyed answering them and I hope it gives you an insight to me and my fishing. Again you can check this out over on my YouTube channel.

With the summer finally arriving I decided June’s bait tip was going to revolve around surface fishing and how I pimp my mixers so I went about an evening session down a local park lake combining taking some pictures for it and using them at the same time. If you haven’t yet checked out my little creation I call the ADFloaters you can find it over on either the Bait-Tech page or my Facebook page where I give you a step by step guide on how to create these mixers oozing with attraction! It couldn’t of came out any better as I went on to land a dark silt stained common from the tricky little park lake that evening! Result and proof they work even for the most cautious of fish!

So as I mentioned summer has finally arrived and we have been experiencing some serious hot temperatures and with this most of my waters on my club ticket have been spawning throughout the past weeks so I haven’t really found myself doing many overnighters if I am completely honest. I did visit a new water on the club ticket as I had been meaning to for many week and knew with a new SW wind coming in I wanted to try my luck and after baiting a swim for 2 nights knowing that if anything would be likely to happen it would be on the 3rd night so just before I left that morning to return later in the day I baited with around ¾ of a kg to hopefully be able to drop back on it after work. I knew it would be risky as someone else could turn up and drop in throughout the day and that’s exactly what happened. It was a 50/50 risk and it could have paid off but on this occasion it didn’t so I ended up fishing a swim that I wasn’t confident in at all but it gave me a chance to lead around and find some likely looking clean areas for the future.

The rest of the month was about appreciating the beautiful weather, watching as much of the world cup as possible, the odd evening floater session here and there and just generally enjoying being outside. We don’t get enough of it in this country to not appreciate it and sometimes it’s just not about chasing fish that aren’t interested or sitting it out under a brolly or bivvy melting alive. Sometimes you just have to pick and choose your moments and make the most of them whether they are a couple of hours or a couple of days and more importantly making the most with family and friends.

As always thanks again for reading and August is looking busy as it’s my birthday, I have my first YouTube bloggers social at ROYSTON lake, My first magazine written piece being published in CarpFeed, a Bait-Tech social all amongst my usual overnighters. Certainly looking forward to a busy month! Enjoy the rest of this beautiful weather!

Martyn Davies

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