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I absolutely love fishing paste for skimmers and bream, so there was only one place for me to visit, the awesome Suffolk Water Park! This venue is my local commercial fishery, and with nine lakes to choose from it has something for everyone. My choice for the day was the magnificent Match Lake 1, which has over 40 pegs with varying depths between 5ft and 12ft deep. I settled for peg 6 which I know is a good area for the carp, but where carp are present you normally get a good head of skimmers and bream too. 

When I’m fishing paste I don’t like to fish any further out than 10 metres. Because of the nature of paste fishing it can become a lot more difficult to be efficient at longer lengths, with this in mind I set one rig up to fish at 10 metres, in 7ft of water. Paste fishing is such a positive method that most of the time you can get away with just the one rig in open water. I think if I had been fishing for the carp I would have fished at 8.5 metres, but I personally think the skimmers and bream settle better at this slightly longer length.

This lake because of the depth of water, and the amount of tow that can very often be present, there are two main things too consider, the size of float, and how you mix your paste. I often use a one gram paste float which is heavy, long, and stable. My paste was mixed 50/50, using one part Special G Gold groundbait, and one part water, which included one capfull of the new Special G Glug. What you end up with is a more firmer paste which breaks down slower on the bottom, but its very good at keeping the whole rig stable in this depth of water with any tow. If you used soft paste in situations like this, the hook would just keep pulling out and it would become very frustrating. As long as the hook pulls through the paste on the bite, that’s the most important thing.

I was a little bit concerned because the weather was so hot, and with the bright sunshine it wasn’t ideal conditions for skimmer and bream fishing. Having said that there was one big advantage with it being so hot, the majority of the carp were swimming in the upper layers so I thought this would give me a better chance of getting the skimmers and bream on the bottom, without getting pestered by the carp. The quality of skimmers and bream in this lake are very good, with plenty of skimmers over the 2lb mark, and lots of bream 4lb+.

With this in mind my feed at the start was an even mix of 6mm and 8mm Carp and Coarse Pellets which filled my large pot on my cupping kit. Throughout the session I fished the one line and when the bites started to tail off I just re-fed with another large pot of 6mm and 8mm pellets. There were times when the bites became a little bit negative, so I fished the rig either 3ft to my left, or right of the feed area, the bites became more positive again as the fish were sitting of the feed. It turned out to be one of the most enjoyable days fishing I’ve had in a while, caught some nice bream up to 5lb plus plenty of 2lb skimmers, three small carp even got in on the act. It’s nearly impossible not to catch an odd carp at some point, but as I said earlier being so hot definitely helped in keeping their numbers down. I have always used Special G Gold groundbait for making my paste and it’s always been brilliant, and now with the addition of the new Special G Glug it’s taken it to another level. Its so high in fishmeal content the skimmers and bream absolutely love it, and when I’m using it for carp they do too. I’ve ended up with about 80lb of skimmers and bream, plus the three carp. What a lovely days fishing, and what a venue Suffolk Water Park is, cannot wait too have another days fishing there very soon.

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Deana Ramsey 

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