Tri-Cast Bait-Tech Youth Shine at National Champs!

I must start by saying a massive thank you and well done to everyone who fished this year’s event. These young anglers are brilliant. So keen and already fishing at a level that would see them dominate a lot full senior events they enter.

Tri-Cast Bait-Tech had two teams fishing and this gave me the chance to work along side the brilliant Richie Parry in coordinating the teams and tactics on the day. The venue had fished a little hard in the lead up to the event and with weights in the realms of 40lb winning matches all the lads were quick to realise how important every fish would be especially when ide were to make up the main bulk of the weights with a few addition bonus carp being possible.

It was a fantastic match and by no means easy pickings as there seemed little to tell between all the teams. Both of the Tricast Bait-Tech teams showed real class and determination and as the match progressed this really stood out. the work rate these lads showed was inspiring. Attention to detail when feeding, regularity and volume of feeding along with presentation made them stand out across the board. Staying in tune with depths of feeding fish wasn’t easy in the 30 degree heat. They caught ide at alarming rates early on but as the day wore on and the ide faded it was clear that by dropping down in the water column slightly the big skimmers that sat under the ide were not to play a large part. Heavy feeding with casters out of their hand saw them push forward and secure the much needed
points. Not all plain sailing the carp were always going to show in areas. Zak Worby made the most of a good area and fished a brilliant match. Confident in his approach he caught carp and later ide and skimmers to win his section and lake, securing 2nd place individually. Individual honours went to yet another incredible performance by Kieran Charnock on split lake who with a short while to go was well behind in his section. He was offered a late chance as a few big fish turned up over his groundbait line and boy did he make the most of it. He quite literally clattered them for the last hour and not only won his section but the match outright! A brilliant effort from a difficult position.

Just as impressive were the lads in the more difficult areas as its these that often make or break team matches. I can’t name them all but everyone I watched and spoke to put in one hell of a shift. Massively impressive to watch. Some caught that all important late carp down the edge, all grafted for points and in my biased opinion fully deserved the titles they retained.

Teams 1st & 2nd on the day was the icing on the cake. Huge thanks to the lads, the parents and of course Mr Parry who is incredible in what he does. Well done guys! Roll on the next one.

Andy Neal 

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