Dutch Delight – Shaun Sharman

It had finally arrived! A week’s fishing at Carplantis in Holland. We arrived at the lake on the Friday morning eager to have a walk around and see if we could spot any signs of fish. We did two laps of the 17 acre lake with not so much as a bubble in sight so decided to go on wind direction and where the sun would warm up the water the most, it would be all margin work as it soon dropped off to over 7m deep about 10 yards out going to over 15m in the middle.

The lake was square in shape with 4 double swims in each corner giving each person on the lake a margin to fish too. After the meet and greet with the other anglers and a chat from the owner Koos running through the rules it was time for the draw, Becky picked for us and we were 2nd to choose swim. We decided to head for the north corner called Poseidon with would give us a lot of sunlight. We arrived in our peg to get our home set up for the week, all the swims had a boat with an echosounder for you to use at a small fee. It was about 2 o’clock by now and I was gagging to get my rods out so in the boat I hoped to find some spots to fish, Koos gave nothing away on where to fish in your swim at the start so it was all down to you to find your spots apart from advising us not to fish in water over 5m because of the drop in water temperature.

I was on the left of the swim with all of my margin being reeds so I knew that I wanted at least one rod there with this rod being the furthest out at about 85 yards. The bottom is like an egg box so the echosounder on the boat was very handy to have as it could go from 3m to 6m deep within 5 yrds. I found a plateau probably the size of the boat that was 5m deep dropping off to 6.5m I dropped a lead down to see how hard the bottom was and it was so I fished my right rod on the top of this, I put about 2kg bait in to start with, I didn’t want to go to mad with the baiting and overdo it – it’s so easy to get carried away and put in loads when you’re chucking it in from the boat. The freebies I was using were Triple-N boilie mostly 15mm and 18mm chops with a handful of whole ones, Nutty Glug, Nutty oil, Triple-N Stick and Bag Mix and Triple-N Stick Mix Liquid which is a mix I have great confidence in and enjoyed amazing success using.

Now to try and find a spot for my 3rd rod which I was struggling with so I decided to wait until the next day as the light was fading fast and I needed to get my head down. The Saturday arrived and still no signs of any fish in front of us it was about midday when I went out in the boat to find another spot the wind was picking up making it hard to keep boat still so I thought it would be wise to put a marker stick on my right hand rod for ease in dropping a rig and knowing where to put my freebies. With the wind getting even stronger I ended up putting my 3rd rod on the 5m plateau as I thought this would be my best chance of a fish as the pressure was dropping and the likelihood of storms coming in overnight. Dusk approached With a few fish showing in the opposite corners water with still none showing in our, however I did start to get liners some were shaking the rod tip even though I was fishing with back leads, I left it for a few hours before reeling in and dropping it shorter. Sunday morning soon was upon us without any action the weather by this stage was getting worse with wind coming straight at us getting up to 40mph so I didn’t think it was wise to go out in the boat to redo my rigs so I sat on my hands.

Another 24hrs had past and my rods must of been on the spots now for about 54hrs without reeling in, I was still confident in my rig presentation as I was fishing a 15mm Triple-N Wafter tipped with a half pink Super Fruit Pop Up on a blow back rig. It was now Monday evening and I started seeing a flat spot around my marker stick, 2hrs had past and finally it ripped off Becky put on my life jacket and I was in the boat playing it in open water away from our other rods. After about 20 mins of an awesome fight it was finally in the net. Lifting her up on the scales it went 44lb 8oz a lovely common this fish was last out 18 months ago at 34lb putting on over 10lb in that time. Even though this was my only fish of my trip I was well chuffed!

Tight Lines

Shaun Sharman

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