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A venue I like to fish in the summer on the paste is called Manley Old Hall, situated in the heart of Cheshire boasting 3 great lakes to fish on a day ticket basis. I decided on pool 1 knowing there was a large stock of Carp and also some nice Tench, and the standard silvers to fish for too. I was going to try Special G Green groundbait mixed into a paste which I love to use during the summer months, I also used The Juice groundbait in a slop form for fishing Shallow at around 8 meters out.

Mixing the groundbait into a paste could not be simpler. I use a large 2 pint bait tub and I add 1 pint of water then 2 large cupping pots full of the special g green groundbait into the water then either mix by hand or use a fork, the mixture will look very runny but after 30 minutes it will be ready for your hook, I will always do my paste first before setting any of my other kit up so by the time I am ready to go I know my paste will be perfect every time, and it was the same for the Juice groundbait too, over wet the groundbait so its in a liquid form but its just stiff enough to form a sloppy ball in the hand prior to throwing out to the right distance.

Keeping things simple for my short 6hr session I set up 2 topkits, topkit one, Paste at close range down the edge under the nearside bush to my right at 5 meters, topkit 2, Shallow at 8 meter out in front using 6mm Carp and Coarse Pellets and 8mm the Juice Pellet wafters.

Starting off the session fishing the paste line I was going to feed hard 4mm Carp and Coarse pellets instead of micros as the fish in this pool can get very pre occupied and can cause a lot of disturbance grubbing around in the silt feeding on the micros, so to eliminate this I always use 4mm Pellets on venues like this instead. While setting up my rigs for the pole I had already started to feed the swim by hand and I could clearly see bubbles in the area. I had attached a large paste pot onto my pole to place the paste in while I was shipping out as the area I was fishing in was directly under some branches off the tree, this helped me to turn my pole and drop the paste into the feed zone without getting snagged up in the branches above, sliding the float into place and turning the pole, the paste plopped into the water and the float sailed away, I had hooked into a small Tench around a pound, getting myself into a nice routine of shipping back, paste on the hook and adding six 4mm Pellets every drop in (just enough to keep the fish in the swim but not overfeed them) I was into the carp within 10 minutes, Mirrors and Commons with the biggest going 6lb and also some nice Roach hitting the paste too.

Shallow rig time with the slop mix and things where looking idea as the wind had shifted and now I had a nice ripple bang on 8 meters out. The juice groundbait I had mixed is a great all round product that can be used during the Winter months and Summer too, with its sweet smell and loads of Fishmeal its a no brainer to use it for the method I was using today. Adding more water to the bait tub and giving it one last stir I managed to form a small loose ball in my palm and lobbed it out to 8 meters, once the Slop hit the water I lowered the rig in then gave it a few slapps and I hooked my first Carp, nothing massive just a small stockie, again lobbed the Slop out, lowered the rig in but no slapping this time just the usual elastic puller and another Carp hit the net, I had them going good and proper with some nice Roach falling to the method also. 

I bought some of the new Pellet Wafters along with me today which I thought would be good using with the slop mix today, I had a spare top kit set up, the same as the shallow rig but just tweaked it a bit by changing the hook to a 16s QM1 band to accommodate the 8mm and also to get the correct balance of hook to Dumbell, to get an even fall through the water with the bait being a Wafter. Slop in dropped the rig in and there was a massive splash on the surface and I noticed a lovely looking Crucian Carp heading to the net, it was in great condition and my first ever fishing Shallow with Pellets and Dumbells, next ship out, the elastic was out straight away and a nice Carp to 7lb was in the net. It can be a very busy method on the slop and you can use a lot of bait, I used a Full bag of The Juice today in my mix and by the end of the short session I think I had most of it all over the place, always good to have a large bait tub with water in close to had to clean your hands after every lob while fishing this method as it can become a bit of a nightmare. I rotated my methods on the session which did bring me a lot of fish around 60lb, but I caught them using minimal bait, 1 bag of The Juice Groundbait, Half a bag of Special G Green, half a bag of 4mm and 6mm Carp and Coarse Pellets, and 1 tub of The Juice Pellet Wafters, all in all a great short session with Silvers, Carp, Tench and the lovely Crucian carp too. Two of the best summer methods to try and if you have never used them before give them a go as they are both very simple and guaranteed to catch you a lot of fish.

Tight Lines

Dave Williams 

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