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Bait-Tech’s Paul Carnwell enjoyed a brilliant few days competing in the Cudmore 3 Day Bank Holiday Festival where he managed to earn some great results along the way he tells us more…

I was looking forward to this as I’ve not fished Cudmore for a couple of years…. wow how its changed! Drive to your pegs, very clean, plenty of bites – what’s not to like! I had a couple of practice matches resulting in a third on Panama with 118lb and Suez where I managed 65lb for a 3rd in section.

Day One Moors Canal Peg 6

A beautiful day greeted us with some very warm weather which screamed a shallow day!  All my rigs set up 4×8 float 0.16 main line to a hook length of 0.12 this was to a hair rigged band, with short top kits. Other rigs were one for across and an edge rig for hard banded Carp and Coarse Pellets that had been soaked in Krill and Tuna Oil and another for Brasem Super Sweetcorn where it was around 2ft 6in deep.  Starting across to see if I can pick up a bonus or two but only managed a couple of gudgeon! Later it was time for shallow what great fishing ide after ide not big fish but fish going into the net all the time, learning about these fish keeping in touch on caster up and down depths gradually working my way further out until I was fishing top kit and 3/4 sections. Last hour search for better fish I end up with 3 carp across for about 9lb in total I had 1 tench, 2 bream, 7 f1’s and loads of ide. Scales read 82lb  8oz second in section good start the section was won with 96lb of carp off the end peg.

Day Two Suez Canal Peg 11

Not the best area for doing a big weight, plumbing up tight up across it was around 4ft not the best depth as great weather again, set up deck rig going to feed Superseed Hemp and Corn on one of these lines got 3 swims to go at here hard pellets on the deck was my starting point across with two other shallow rigs if liners were an issue…no problem with liners as there did not seem to be many carp around! I didn’t want to attack these swims to early and was looking forward to a great run at the end… shallow time caster same as yesterday’s lines of attack great sport ide early change from yesterday a few more f1’s showing, now as fast as I was catching it turned off had 3 hours then everyone to my right stopped catching nothing anywhere… now for last roll of my dice, half pot hemp and corn few indications first carp 3lb had nice spell then it went a bit iffy losing fish in the reeds, roots across proved to be a problem with 5 lost fish…a frustrating end! Scales tipped to 57lb 2oz with 90lb winning the section I sneaked 2nd result off the peg quite pleased with that one!

Day Three Suez Canal Peg 36

At this point joint 2nd but 4th overall with my low weight and here is where I kick myself as I was informed it was a great carp area and needing a big weight I found myself setting my stall out for carp. Searching for the odd carp mugging as and when I saw one, using 8mm Juice Dumbell Pellet Wafters. There didn’t seem to be anything across really and I was never going to beat end peg so I plodded on with blinkers feeling that 2nd would be good. Then I had a disaster while playing playing a proper carp around 10lb I saw my elastic give up in very slow motion and snap which was gutting! I Picked up odd fish util the end of the match where the scales read 59lb 9oz putting me third in section.

This gave me a 7 point total but only 199lb 3oz. I was never going to beat John Glover Jnr perfect 3 point score and great weight of 395lb Well Done John! Now to my surprise 7 points got me into 2nd place overall a great few days and some great fishing – I’ll be back!

Tight Lines

Paul Carnwell

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