Groundbait Tips for Big Carp! – Ben Soane

Now that Winter has past and we are well into Spring, I have been catching a fair few Carp during some really short sessions recently so I felt it was a good time to finally try some of the new Bait-Tech products that were released this year after seeing plenty of catch reports from other anglers using them already.

A few products that really caught my eye were the 4 new Stick Mix Liquids, the Bloodworm Pellets, and the latest member of the Big Carp Method Mix range – ADF Fishmeal which is rich, high in protein and full of attraction, a seriously fishy addition to the range that screams ‘Eat Me’!
I am a big fan of the Big Carp Method Mix range  as the different mixes are so versatile and in my opinion these are the best ground bait type products in their class. Obviously the range was originally designed to be used in a method feeder but they are great to use in a PVA stick mix or in a Spod mix with pellets/particles/boilies as well. These Method mixes also make an excellent filler for solid PVA bags which is how I have been using the ADF Fishmeal version to great effect recently. I mix it 50/50 with some Bloodworm Pellets and pour plenty of the new Krill Stick Mix Liquid in, creating a pungent PVA friendly bag mix that oozes attraction. And the fact the mix is relatively fine means it packs really tight into the PVA bag removing any air from it resulting in the bag casting better and sinking to the lake bed quicker.
The new pellet coloured Juice Dumbell Wafters on the hair really compliment the bag mix too.
This Canal Common was one of a few carp to fall victim to this particular presentation recently.
Ben Soane
Bait-Tech Carp Consultant

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