Boost Your Hookbaits! – Martyn Davies

Boost your baits!

With the help of liquid glug you can boost the attraction of your actual hookbaits massively either just before casting out or over a lengthier period of time.

One of the easiest ways of doing this is adding a small dose of a matching glug or one that is completely different from your free offerings into a secure tub, usually the hookbait tubs are good enough, just as long as they are leak-proof. So say, a Poloni Hookbait and a dose of the Poloni Glug for example will complement the free offerings but make that one hookbait stand out amongst the rest!

When you are adding your chosen glug to your hookbaits make sure it’s just enough to give all the hookbaits a light even coating and give them a good shake in the tub. If after a few weeks they have soaked-up all the liquid and flavour you can always add a little more but you don’t want them swimming in it. Less is more to start with!

Once out in the lake the glug will disperse out from the hookbait over a period of time and give off an increased level of attraction drawing fish down to your hookbait. This is something I firmly believe in and you will very rarely see me casting out without some sort of boosted hookbait amongst my free offerings as I want it to stand out from the crowd! With a majority of the liquids being PVA friendly you can dunk your bag, stringer or mesh and be rest assured that this will reach the bottom of the lakebed before melting.

Martyn Davies

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