A Dream Session – Kev Horton

Well it was that time of the year again, it’s our annual trip across the channel to try our luck at catching some French whackers. After a long drive we were finally at the lake. This year’s venue was the stunning Juvigny lake, part of the Marne Valley carping complex.

After meeting the owner Christophe Brasher, and a good walk around the lake, it was time for the dreaded draw. If anyone’s ever been to France and done the draw they will know how nervous a moment it can be, thankfully I pulled out #1, and gave me plenty of options. I decided on swim #10, this gave me open water but also access to the snags and channel area, which I was told the carp loved.

The first day is always a very tiring one, the journey, setting up camp and also finding your areas to which you want to fish and build on for your weeks fishing. I opted to ignore the open water and concentrate my efforts on the snaggy area with two rods and my third also to my right-hand margin just a little closer in. I really enjoy this style of fishing, but you really need to take the time to make sure everything is set up right, and good strong end gear. Due to the fact they have some right lumps going to mid 70’s I’d already spooled up with 18lb Trapline (which is bulletproof) and from that I had  24 inches of 50lb unleaded leader attached to a QC lead clip, and a 3.5oz Flat gripper on all 3 rods. Now for the business end, I opted for simple but very strong snowman rigs, so with that I divided to use blowback rigs tied from 25lb Captive coated hook link knotless knotted to a super strong size 4 LSK hook, and some 1.6mm shrink tube to help turn the hook on the take.

As for bait choice I went with hardened Triple-N hook baits that had been glugging for months topped with a small White Juice Pop Up on top just to add a little colour. As for bait I chose to fish shelf life Triple-N boilies in 10,15 and 18mm accompanied with Growlers Tiger Nuts and sweetcorn, to which I added some of the new Pineapple Stick Mix Liquid just give them even more flavour.

There’s no point in getting takes if you’re not going to land them. So I made sure I pointed my main 2 rods at the snags, and fished tight lines with the clutches locked up tight. The last thing I wanted was a fish of a life time to manage to get in the snags and risk losing it and possibly harming the fish too. Well that was it, the gear and the rods were all sorted. As I sit and write this I’ve started to realise that there simply so much that happened over the week that I can’t simply write it all down.

But over the 7days I managed to have an awesome weeks fishing managing 25 takes and landing 24 fish including numerous 30’s and a 40.10lb, 43.12lb, 44.13lb, 47lb, 48.09lb and a new PB common at 50.04lb all from the snaggy area, it’s safe to say I was one happy angler. It just goes to show, if you make sure your tackle is up to the job and make sure you take your time to get things right for the situation your confronted with there’s no reason you shouldn’t convert those well earned takes into chunks on the bank.

All-in-all I had an incredible week, fishing a beautiful lake for some amazing fish, and spent it with some even better friends. I’d like to finish by saying a massive thanks to Chris for a top week. And we will be back for sure, we have the Juvigny bug!

Until next time

Tight lines

Kev Horton

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