Bream Tour Champion! – Wayne Bartholomew

After a practice session for this final on Elsecar Reservoir, the venue is local to me but I never fish it, I came up with a plan! On the practice I used my go too Bream mix of Karma and Special G Green.  The first signs were good and caught a few skimmers in the first hour then never caught a thing after that which set the alarm bells ringing! My mix was to strong for here! Forcing my peg in spells never really worked so I knew then a toned down deep green cereal sweet fishmeal was the way forward and feeding very little.

The water here at the minute is chocolate so you’d think a bright mix would be better but talking to the locals and the pressure this venue gets then I understood Dark was best! It was clear that the main line was at around 30m and 2 other lines needed to be fed to rest the other 2 as these fish are very wary. I chose a mix I’ve messed about with in the garage which I was 100% confident would work.

I sieved off Pro Natural Bream and Special G Green in equal parts then added some black dye I was given. I’m nearly out of it now but when dyes it dyes and doesn’t come out in the water and don’t know who makes it.  This gave me a lovely rich deep green colour. People ask why don’t I just use a dark groundbait straight from the bag. It’s the colour the Special G Green goes when dyed and the lovely sweet smell from the Pro Natural Bream I wanted and mixed this way I get what I want.

On the morning of the match I was confident I could win from any peg as we had spare pegs either side. I drew peg 14 which I was happy with. I set up 3 lines for this match.  The main 30m line. A line at 45m both fed with above mix
and a line at 16m fed with Pro Natural Fine Lake Dark mixed with Liquid Molasses. This short was for the ide and roach that are plentiful or so I thought!

At the all in I fed the long and short line with six feeders with very little in it and left for the first hour before started rotating of the 30m line. The first hour I had one little roach but was getting a few indications on the tip so I came off this line as I suspected a skimmer/bream was in the peg and wouldn’t settle. After a twenty minute rest I went back on the 30m line and after 3 minutes back in I got my first skimmer.  No more indications came after this so time to rotate again onto the short line for nothing.

A look back at 30m got me another big skimmer then nothing again. Rotate! One more big skimmer and two tiny skimmers till the final whistle got me 5lb 9oz and to my shock I won the match and hopefully not the only final win this year. My mate Keith mumby had two bream which 5lb 3oz so I just pipped him. In all honesty I thought it would fish slightly better but the first real warm day of the year but the lack of wind knocked the fishing.

This mix is really lovely and I’ll be using it again for sure when the fishing is this difficult, give it a try! The pictures of the mix is dyed and not dyed to give you an idea of the colour change.

Tight Lines

Wayne Bartholomew

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