‘Fine’ Results – Dave Williams

With the recent release of the new bait for 2018 my latest session was about trying out the new Pro Natural Fine Lake Dark Groundbait and to target the silvers fishing Linnet pool one of the Carp packed lakes at Meadow View fishery in Cheshire.

First time using the groundbait and I was pleasantly surprised how easy it was to mix, it mixed perfectly by hand with no need for a drill mixer and no need to put it through a riddle either. Leaving the mix for 15 minutes I went back to see if it needed anymore water adding to it, and all that it needed was just a small amount just to get it back to perfect for the depth of water I was fishing in. Prior to starting my session I decided to fish neat groundbait with no added food content at 13m and at 11.5m I introduced a few flouro Pinkies just to see if this had any effect on the fishing with just the plain groundbait mix compared to added food content mix.

I had a nice easy session planned by setting up 2 topkits, one at 13m and the other one at 11.5m, both lines had about 4 feet of water and a nice level flat lake bed. My rigs for the day consisted of a 0.4g Dino Gino Float, one I had set with a strung out shotting pattern and the other was a bulked shotting pattern and on both lines I was using maggots. For my initial feed with the groundbait I was looking at forming a hard ball so it would reach the bottom whole and dissipate on the lakebed over a longer period of time, this would be for the longer line at 13m, and for the shorter line the mix would be not as firm but to break up slowly on the put in and also on the lakebed too, as I wanted to try and catch through the water layers with the strung out shotting pattern on this rig.

Cupping in two balls of groundbait on the both lines, I left the swims for 20 minutes before starting off on the 13m line, single Red maggot on the hook and out it went, I had to wait what seemed like an age for my fist bite then I missed it, dropped back in and another bite with a nice Roach hitting the surface, I had a few more Roach but noticed the bites had dried up very quickly,  so out went another ball of groundbait into the swim and I then swapped kits to the 11.5m line, double red maggot on the hook this time and again not a bite for the next 15 minutes even with the bait dropping nice and slow through the water, now am thinking did I make a mistake putting loose feed in with the groundbait?, so I decided to go long again and on my first put in I had a nice skimmer and then another on the next drop in, I had a nice run of Roach too again before the bites dried up once again.

With having nothing on the short line I dropped a further two balls of groundbait in but this time without any added feed and within 5 minutes I was into my first fish cloer in, a nice Roach was netted along with a few more to follow, from then until the end of the session I fed more groundbait but just plain and I ended up with a few more fish in the net. Introducing and topping up with groundbait when the bites stopped I was able to get the best out of the two swims until it was time to leave.

Make sure you give Pro Natural Fine Lake Dark a go, another great addition to the Pro Natural Range.

Tight Lines

Dave Williams

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  1. Lee Davey April 4, 2018 at 8:24 pm

    Awesome fishing mate ??

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