Juicy Results for Jon Whincup!

Bait-Tech’s Jon Whincup has won the Drennan Decoy Winter League after a brilliant final round!

“Drennan Decoy Winter League Final Round: Going into this final match I knew that if I could win my section I couldn’t be beat for the league, easier said than done I hear you say! I drew on paper a real no hoper of a peg, Horseshoe peg 1, but I still try and fish with an open mind as you never know. I had some lovely reeds opposite me so after feeding various Pole lines at the start with 2mm Carp and Coarse Pellets I decided to chuck a bomb and a Juice Dumbbell Pop Up over there. After 10 minutes I reeled in and foul hooked a 1lb skimmer, that’ll do for starters, and after 3 good carp in the next half an hour I was starting to get excited.

Two and a half hours into the match and unbelievably my tip had been constantly going round, still on the Juice Pop Ups, and I managed to get to about 70lb and it was then I started to think “game on”. Unbeknown to me I was to stay on about 70lb until the end of the match as try as I might I just couldn’t catch anymore fish. I did have a few tiny Silvers on my short maggot line and lost a couple of F1’s real late on but I was to stay frustratingly on the same weight.

Come the weigh in it was between me and peg 7 for the section as she had emptied it on her short line with some huge F1’s and I knew it was going to be close. I was first to weigh and my first half of the match had produced 75lb 11oz, and when peg 7 weighed 75lb 14oz I could’ve cried, had 3oz cost me winning the league?? After a tense half hour seeing all the results coming in, it soon became clear that there had been some slip ups, and after some frantic adding up of results there was 3 of us all on 7 points. It now came down to your dropped result (5 out of 6 results count, dropper comes back in the event of a tie) and luckily for me my dropper was a 2nd against a 4th and 5th by the other 2 lads, I had won it. So a nice start to the year being crowned 2018 Drennan Decoy Winter League champion and hopefully it’s the start of things to come!”

Tight Lines

Jon Whincup

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