Less Feed More Attraction – Ben Hart’s Winter Bait Tip

With winter well under way now, the way I go about feeding on the short sessions I do has changed dramatically. For me it’s always about getting a quick bite as most of my fishing is day sessions regardless of what time of year it is. this In mind my baiting strategies turn from a very food orientated mix in the warmer months, to a very high attract one once it gets cold.

The reasoning behind this is that I’m trying to get the quickest bite possible, and by feeding a lot of highly nutritional food items the only thing id be doing is prolonging bite time considerably. Being cold blooded the carps metabolism has slowed right down meaning  they will not need as much food to sustain there body weight through the colder months.   So given the time of year the last thing I want to do is feed the carp up, its more a case of trying to grab the attentions of any carp around the area I’m fishing and hopefully getting them to drop onto my baited area, finding very little in the way of large food items apart from my hookbait. The mix I favour using around the colder months is based around Triple-N boilie crumb, This boilie has been designed to be an all year round bait so it already has a proven record in cold water. So to start I’ll blend a kilo of  Triple-N freezer boilies down to a crumb at home the night before a session.

Once it’s blended  you can now cram loads of liquid attractors into it giving it real pulling power.  The first liquid I will add is the Bloodworm Liquid, It’s a fact that the carp will seek out every natural food source as it gets cold so by adding a good amount of this stuff it will definitely draw carp to it. Then I’ll add a liberal amount of the Triple-N Stick Mix Liquid, this stuff is  a really sticky sweet nutty liquid which has a really creamy aroma. It also has all of the key elements of the boilie in so its a great addition to the mix adding lots of soluble attraction into the water.

Next I’ll add no more than a couple of cap fulls of Hemp Oil, The hemp oil will act as a carrier for the other liquids because it rises through the water column, taking with it the soluble attractors of the Bloodworm and Triple-N stick mix liquid. I must stress to use hemp oil instead of other oils like nut or fish oil in the colder weather as it solidifies at a much colder temperature than other oils so it wont be congealed on the bottom like other oils will.

Once all the liquid attractors are added  I’ll finish off by adding a few handfuls of hemp and just a handful of sweetcorn to add a bit of colour. The mix should be wet enough to stick together in your hand. If it’s to wet then it just disperse in the upper layers when introduced to the water either by hand or spomb. You want it to explode as  soon as it hits the bottom leaving a patch of bait oozing attraction giving off a sent trail with help of the hemp oil carrying all the liquid attractors added, almost like a chum line drawing any passing carp down to your baited rig.

This tactic served me well recently, catching carp to just under 23lb from a lake which is nearly 20ft deep. I think this is proof enough that the soluble attractors in this mix have real pulling power drawing the carp to my hookbait even in deep, cold water.  Give it a go and hopefully it will pick you up a bite or two next time your out.

Tight Lines

Ben Hart
Bait-Tech Carp Consultant

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  1. Grace April 25, 2018 at 9:09 am

    Some great tips! It really shows how taking care of prepping bait can really bring its rewards.

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