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For as long as I can remember I’ve always been one for raising personal questions on how I saw the use of the countless number of various groundbaits available on the market. Being one who has also enjoyed the mixing and experimenting with a myriad of wonderful concoctions, overtime I soon began getting a better insight into the concepts of my groundbaits and their uses on the many different venues I was visiting.

It’s with in mind this that within this article, I aim to share my appreciation on the importance of what I’ve found, surrounding not only a lot of what I’ve learnt, towards improving my fishing but also about actually getting to enjoy it even more.

Firstly let’s look at one of the most popular areas within angling today. Now it’s easily recognised as having developed at such a tremendous rate over the last couple of years, at a pace that has actually seen angler’s queuing for places on venues everywhere, feeder fishing as I write is currently being acknowledged within the fishing world as the fastest growing angling pursuit.

For many anglers, particularly the ‘older school’ like myself, who have returned to their roots, most having tested the commercial scene for a few decades, today there’s clearly a feeling of excitement on the scene that has seen the many anglers now deeply involved sharing a collective feeling of regretting not getting back to it sooner.

Yes I love my feeder fishing and like many on the scene today as I visit many different locations all around the country, it’s with this that I again find myself spending many hours examining the behaviour of the many groundbait mixes on offer where I look carefully into examining their actions and then study their performances within lots of different situations.

So with that, first I’m going to have a quick look at the choices of feed I use, why I use it and how I have built my confidence on what I have chosen to use. To start with, after hundreds of hours of studying the trends on the many venues I’ve visited over the years, there are, as we all know, so many eye-catching ground baits about that I will first take a careful note on whatever I can about the hook baits preferred on a water. Cheating? Whatever! I merely take the opportunity to look at which groundbait choices are favoured by the local experts and when. Here I’m purely doing my homework on what fish have been nurtured on and also aiming to gain a clear understanding of what we are targeting.

No it isn’t rocket science and of course isn’t anything new, but we must always remind ourselves that on doing a little homework it will always give us a perfect opportunity to examine and understand the many simple things that could also give us a great start.

As can be imagined, many a book could also be written on this subject and as much as we could deliberate upon the many suitable choices of groundbaits that are available today, for me personally, like I’ve said earlier, I simply I love formulating my own personal mix.

It’s here on doing so and coming up with something that’s just ‘a little different’, I pride myself in opting not to follow the trends but allow myself the opportunity to experiment wherever I may go, cutting in some fun as well as gaining a great deal of satisfaction. Personally today this is what my angling is actually all about and if I can gain a winning edge on doing so, any success then becomes so much more rewarding.

With a great deal of confidence following the huge range of Bait-Tech products which I use both on their own or in my many formulated combinations, for me formula mixing is simply about ‘raising’ the game. Choosing the right choice of groundbait is always important but by simply getting that personal ‘combo’ right, the outlook to my fishing on a whole, especially with success simply becomes even more enjoyable.

As we all know on the mixing of groundbait, most mixes absorb water over a period of time rather than instantly and although lots of anglers may agree to feel the need to mix it straight before a session, it’s here that another argument could be raised on what’s actually the best practice.

Knowing that the use of an active mix is aimed at producing a ‘pulling’ effect, one that’s called for releasing and sending many active attractants and ingredients on their way towards attracting fish into a swim, it’s always good to remember to take into account a ‘freshly mixed’ groundbait will generally always need a topping up of water throughout a session, here I would always advise the use of an atomiser throughout a session to stop it drying out too much.

For me though an inert mix, one that won’t be going anywhere is usually one that I’m looking to use within my regular bream fishing sessions and although many like myself will opt to mix their groundbait the evening before, I am aware there could also be another argument now lined up against it.

It’s my opinion on this point that priming groundbait the evening before has many advantages, especially when it offers the perfect opportunity for it to enable it to marinate the crucial nutrients and ingredients based within it. It’s on this subject that I do feel it’s really important to understand that within the essential nutrients, high food contents and powerful attractors present, together with the many sweet aromatic smells and many tasty attributes also available, whatever lessons that can be learned from looking into them, I’m sure understanding them will be worthy of a tick on one’s overall performance.

Going back to the pre-mix, a great benefit it does have is it being readily available for use immediately and of course mixed correctly it will also have an all-important consistency level throughout it. Importantly taking note on whichever way do we choose to mix our groundbait, a great deal of care must always be taken, mixed wrongly, even the best quality and easiest of mixes can be ruined and on the bank that could easily spell…… all over.

So to my actual combinations and as a Bait-Tech enthusiast using the products very much out of the bag my first job would be assessing of course whatever it is I’m targeting on venues. It goes without saying I’m careful on gauging the days conditions, the time of year it may be, a waters depth, clarity and of course the temperature. Then the experimenting begins, as flavours, ingredients, textures, colours and smells are chosen and then tried. I must add that all Bait-Tech products describe the contents perfectly so do take the time to read them which will also so importantly help in your choice. Sounds like hard work? Trust me it’ll be fun!

Now as one who has always been a great lover of nice-smelling concoctions, for decades I’d been using a mix that I’d always favoured when fishing, constantly picking up and smelling it for pleasure. It was a mix I had continuously used that had a particular aromatic sweetness to it that and was so nice it had me convinced that I was actually addicted to it. But would I change? Never! But questions needed to be asked.

Then as I eventually began to look deeper with a great deal of critical probing, I finally took everything into account that I’d looked into and accepted the negative effect that my own ‘scented’ groundbait had been actually offering. Here I evaluated that taste, texture and nutrients were of a greater importance and then after a further study I recognised that a change in my results had started to develop.

Today as many who know me in the feeder game will certify, Bait-Tech Special ‘G’ Green is primarily the main source of my bream fishing mixes. A lovely fine textured strong fishmeal ground bait, Special ‘G’ Green has for me an unequalled attraction towards targeting skimmers and bream on any water and one that sees me using it as a base mix for everywhere I go. I love the powerful cloud it can produce and as I speak with confidence, bream in particular gain plenty of it as they parade and route within what I have to offer.

Regularly sharing within my blogs on social media, my combinations see Special ‘G’ Green used within many of mixes alongside the Pro Natural ranges and lots of other unique Bait-Tech blends that are available to suit my venues. Not forgetting a favourite winter mix of mine, simply going 50/50 with the quality Bait-Tech brown crumb available today, which I don’t mind sharing, as for the rest, for now I’ll leave you to work on them so as to not to spoil any of the fun.

Theory of course as in any walk of life has to be evidenced and by using the measure of my own outings and catch results, I have now declared if only to myself, that texture, ingredients and breakdown ability now have come first on my own scale of importance. Not forgetting taste and colour choice, preferences that are also extremely vital, but these are subjects that will also need a great deal of careful consideration on the day. This of course is another topic that is as long as it is tall and also of one that I’ll leave for another time.

Finally on leaving you with a few examples to think about, all of which are all exclusively tried tested products, each and every one of them are outstanding blends that will encourage you no end to enjoy the satisfaction of working out what’s best you. Whether their used on their own or within your personal combinations, these few examples that I’ve listed here are superb and it’s with this I can confidently say that even if you do go that ‘little bit further’ like I do, taking that step into the hotchpotch world of groundbait combinations, take it from me, I don’t think you’ll ever look back.

Examples I use:

Special G Green & Dark

Pro Natural

Pro Natural Extra

Pro Feeder

Pro Feeder Dark

Pro Natural Bream


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