An Incredible Year – Nicky Mills

Kingsmead Island Lake 

Bait-Tech’s Nicky Mills had a brilliant year on the Island Lake and here he tells how he achieved his phenomenal success.

We let Nicky tell the story in his own words…

If anyone knows me or follows me on social media you will have an idea of the sort of season I have had on Kingsmead Island Lake which is part of the Horton complex, Surrey.

The Horton complex is vast with loads of top waters and magical carp. I decided to get a ticket for the Island lake as it suited my style of fishing, the carp can get away from angling pressure, good watercraft is needed on there, it’s not for the faint hearted. Most of the fishing is done via boat, as many of the swims are on the Islands which are dotted around the lake. Some big carp reside in the lake and these fish are proper history fish.

The lake appealed to me because I loved the idea of being able to look for the fish and pre-bait areas with the boat, it just gives you much more access to the areas of the lake.

The idea is to use an underwater scope to check likely spots. I drop some bait on these spots and then check them to see if the bait has been eaten. I’ll often bait half a dozen spots during my session but only fish two or three. I’ll check the others as I leave and re-bait them if the bait has gone. This is something I repeat on every trip, I’ll then drop on them once I know that carp have been visiting them.

Good Grub

The bait that I have put my faith in is a mixture containing the Triple-N boilie, Nutty Spod Mix and Chilli Hemp along with a handful of Growler Tiger nuts. The Triple-N is nut based with an active carp feed stimulant and the Nutty spod mix is crushed Peanut and Tigers and Tigernut meal, the chilli Hemp is something a bit different to the plain hemp and gives it a bit of a kick.

I chop up some of the boilie and mix the lot together, this mix is mega and has done the biz for me and a few other lads that I have tipped off.

My season on Kingsmead kicked off in early April with a recce followed by a session a week later.

That evening I had my first carp which was swiftly followed by a second a few hours later, a 26 lb Mirror and a 28 common, happy dayz!! I moved on the second night to a swim known as the Snags 1 as I saw carp showing at about 110 yards, I soon had a small scaley mirror but was gutted as I lost a big fish which cut me off on the Snags. I knew this swim had produced a big common in the past known as Leeches and it was definitely one of my targets.

I baited the swim and moved off it, I was buzzing knowing that the pre-baiting tactics were paying of big time and my faith in the bait was sky high.

My next session saw me back on the one of the Snag swim and again I smashed it with 11 takes in 3 days fishing, I had a 41,37, 34 and a 32. The lake was fishing well and a few others had been doing ok too.

Then to my disappointment the swims I had been baiting and catching from were closed off.

Fortunately, I had been baiting other spots and it again paid off as I dropped in a swim known as Springates. I was on a good run so my confidence was high. I went out and placed my rigs and topped up the swim with a bout 5 kg of my Triple-N boilie and Nutty spod mix.  I was now starting to add a liquid to the mix, more of that later!

The night passed quietly but as morning broke Ione of my rods that was fishing tight to cover on the opposite bank gave a off a few bleeps and the line pulled tight. I hit into it and got in the boat it went from weed bed to weed bed but eventually it went in the net. It was another proper chunk, which went 43.10 on the Reubens, I didn’t fully recognise the fish but it turns out to be one called Scar that had somehow got in from another lake, perhaps during the previous winter high waters, there is a gated area, that is mostly underwater and it was checked after my capture but no signs of any holes etc. were found so how it got in the lake is a bit of a mystery. It made for a good story which got published in Carp-Talk.

Next session saw me fishing a big body of water at the back of the Island an area than had past history of throwing up some of the lakes bigger fish. I had a 37 that session and planned to return the following week, but not before I had baited a few more spots. The week flew by and I all I could think about was getting back on the lake.

On my return I had a scope about and found a nice sandy spot, that the carp had cleaned off next to a weed bed and I had to put a rig on it, the others were in the main body of water. The first to go was the one on the sandy spot, it was a stunning 38lb scaley mirror. This one ended up on the front cover of Carp-Talk and I was chuffed to see myself on the cover. It was only the beginning!

The open water rod went within an hour of the 38 and a 30 lb common graced the net, I would have been happy with that to be honest but the session get better still. I had put the rod back on the sandy spot and topped up with about 1 kg of crushed and whole Triple-N and Nutty spod mix.

Another one soon picked up my hinge stiff rig, which was fished with a size 6 Choddy hook and a washed out Triple-N white pop up. A big lead is used to set the hook, I set these too drop especially when fishing near weed beds. After an epic battle I netted a mega common. Rupert came to round to do done photos and we weighed it at 48 lb, it was the big common known as Leeches.

To my amazement this carp was also the cover star in Carp-Talk two weeks after the scaley 38 had been on the cover. Two covers in 3 weeks, wow, I was on a proper high. The session ended with a 29 lb common which was a great fish too.

A little bait tip that I think helps is to put a full bottle of Triple-N Stick Mix Liquid in with my bait, this liquid is heavy, and it sinks to the bottom and then sort of spreads along the bottom as well as clinging to the bait mix, I’m sure it adds mega attraction in the swim. It’s certainly not done my fishing any harm, it’s an edge that I haven’t seen others doing and one I kept to myself until now.

It was an epic end to some great sessions on the lake and one that I will fondly remember.

Nicky Mills

Bait-Tech Carp Consultant

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