Winter PVA Edges – Ben Soane

Quick Tip – PVA Bread Sticks.

Bread has to be one of the best fishing baits of all time. There aren’t many fish that don’t enjoy eating it and Carp are no exception. It’s a versatile bait that’s been used to catch Carp since day one and the only reason I don’t use it more often is because other species cannot resist it either, but in Winter when the silver fish are much less active I like to give it a go in a stick mix if all else is failing.

Before setting off in the colder months I’ll often put a couple of white bread slices through the blender so it turns to a fairly fine crumb. I’ll then add a good splash of a sweet PVA friendly liquid so it gives off more of a scent. Attractors like the Triple-N Stick Mix Liquid, or Liquid Plum are great additions to any Winter mix as they have a low oil content but still pack an irresistibly sweet punch in cold water. I also like to give the bread crumb a generous dusting with Crushed Hemp as this will add a little extra crunch and attraction to the mix.

I fish a white Triple-N Pop-Up on the hair with a small PVA stick made of the crumb attached if other winter tactics aren’t working as this is sometimes enough to tempt an otherwise uninterested carp into grabbing a cheeky snack. With the stick mix being mainly white in colour and easy to digest, the little crumb parcel will stand out on the lake bed and can draw a carp down with its visual appeal alone. Give it a try on one rod this winter if the Carp aren’t playing ball, it may just be the edge you need to get that elusive bite.

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Ben Soane
Bait-Tech Carp Consultant

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