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Since my last match report where I won the silvers at Summerhayes, I’ve had a fairly frustrating time of it, messing up some good pegs, losing match winning fish just generally getting it a bit wrong, so as I’m not one just to sing when I’m winning, here are all the gruesome details from my last few matches.

It was back to Summerhayes for the first match of the month and it was a rover on all ponds, I pulled out choice number ten which was pretty much mid-way and managed to get peg 32 on my favoured pond, Longs, which is a decent silvers peg. The side tray was nice and simple with just some Bait-Tech 2mm Carp and Coarse Pellets that I’d soaked the night before and added a decent helping of Special G Dark plus some 4mm Xpands for the hook.

I had a really good first three hours putting about 11lb of silvers in the net before the carp moved in, I struggled for the next couple of hours before upping the feed and having a really good last hour when I didn’t want the match to end. I weighed 16lb 4oz which was a long way behind Rob Birch’s 24lb 1oz winning silvers weight from peg 34 but the two slow hours has cost me as 19lb 8oz was second.

Next up was an Ilminster AA Summer League match at Dillington pond where bream and skimmers have been making up the winnings weights and I drew really well again when I pulled out peg 4 which had won the last match with 10lb odd. I fed two lines at ten metres by the lilies with casters, corn and Bait-Tech’s Super Seed hemp and while that settled I fished a top two to hand and put about a pound of roach in the net during the first three quarters of an hour before switching to corn on the longer lines.

It was slow going and I had to wait ages for my first bite which of course I missed and then over the next four hours, I kept feeding and swapping lines and missed a further five really good bites! With only about ninety minutes left and very little in the net, I didn’t think it was going to happen when the float sailed away again but this time I connected with a good fish. From the way it was fighting I knew it was no bream so played it out in open water away from the lily pads before landing a lovely 4lb chub which put me right back in the hunt.

I put some more feed in and switched to the other line and the float had barely settled before it buried and chub number two was on, I landed this one without too much fuss and at 3lb, I’d added 7lb to my net in two chucks. I’d gone from being nowhere to thinking I had a chance of winning the match! Next put in I’ve hooked another but this one has torn through the lilies and the hook pulled out. An 8oz chublet followed before I hooked another big fish that made the sanctuary of the lilies and snapped me. I did manage one more chublet but that was it and I’d blown it!

When the scales reached me, the top weight in our section was 15lb 8oz and my fish went 9lb 8oz which turned out to be enough for second, back at the results and as there were two 10lb weights, even though I picked up the section money be default, I was a bit deflated and left thinking what could have been!

Part three of the ‘Woe is me’ trilogy saw me back at Summerhayes but on Sellicks lake this time, again, I drew right where I wanted to be, peg 18 on the far side. With the level of the pond well down and most pegs taken, I said to my neighbour, Roger Russell, that it might fish hard and that 8lb would be a good weight today. At the start I fed some Bait-Tech 2mm Carp and Coarse micros on two lines at ten metres, two at five and a top two line to my left, which was where I started with a 4mm Xpand on the hook. I got off the mark quite quickly with a gorgeous little 6oz tench and Roger had one not long after and when I missed a bite I thought we might be in for a good day.

No more bites saw me move out to the ten metre lines and I had a couple of skimbobs and bumped one but it certainly wasn’t fast and furious and even the carp weren’t really causing us too many problems. After two hours I only had that tench and three skimmers and was just ahead of Roger who had a tench and a skimmer. Nobody else that I could see was catching silvers so it was looking like my earlier 8lb estimate was way off the mark. The middle two hours of the match were dire with the only action provided by a tiny blade and a couple of foul hooked carp.

I’d been carefully nurturing the two five metre lines by dripping a few micros in every time I shipped out and with two hours left it was time to try them for the first time. I had another little blade and then not long after a better skimmer of 12oz or so but any thoughts of a grandstand finish some disappeared when I couldn’t get a bite. With just half an hour left, I saw Roger strike out the corner of my eye and when a 2lb skimmer came leaping out of the water, I knew he’d edged ahead. I was praying for one more fish but it didn’t happen and I thought I might have a lowly 2lb of silvers.

The weigh in started round the other side and when I caught up with the scales, only 2lb 7oz was winning the silvers and I didn’t think I’d be able to better that. That was still leading when we got to Roger before he weighed 2lb 11oz to go into the lead, my fish went 2lb 9oz which sneaked second in the silvers and another envelope but bumped fish and missed bites have proved costly once again.

I’m back again on Sunday for another go, wish me luck, I think I’ll need it!

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