The Power of The Dark Side – Jamie Rich

The Power of the Dark Side!

It’s that time of year again where the days are getting shorter and there’s a definite nip in the air in the mornings, it’s time to feel the ‘The Power of the Dark Side’. It’s no secret that as venues become clearer and the fish less active, darker groundbaits really start to come into their own, both on natural and commercial venues, whatever your preferred option, Bait-Tech has got it covered. Pro Natural Dark is perfect for roach on stillwaters or rivers, while for commercial lakes, Special G Dark is the groundbait of choice and let’s not forget the other new addition to the range, Pro Feeder Dark.

All three baits are so versatile they can be used in almost any situation, if you’ve got your own favourite groundbait mix, just add some ‘Dark’ for winter fishing, or mix some Pro Natural Dark and Bream for skimmer venues, faced with a deep river, just add some Pro Natural Extra to your Pro Natural Dark, the list is almost endless.

It doesn’t stop with just groundbaits either, use Special G Dark to make a great paste, add some to your Xpands to give them a little edge or my own personal favourite, give your soaked micros a liberal helping as it helps to darken them off and also gives off an enticing ‘Dark’ cloud when you feed them via a pole cup or toss pot.

Give ‘The Power of the Dark Side’ a go this winter.

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