‘Glug Me Up’ – Andy Neal

Weston Pools was home for the day last Saturday after a last minute decision to dash up the road for a look before the pending Welsh National. Saturdays means rover day and although I’m not a massive fan of a rover style draw I didn’t mind too much when I picked number 1 out of the hat. We all had a little moan after Richie, Weston Pools master, O’Connor drew number 2 but attentions soon turned to me when I went and drew one better!

So, first to pick my peg and all I wanted was a days fishing. Summer seems to disappear for me these days and with a big winter campaign ahead I needed to get ‘back on the bike’ and catch some fish. I hate feeling out of touch and after my last visit where I fished a poor match I was intent to simply put that right.  Not interested in winning just simply have a nice day and feel like I’ve done the peg justice. Being in that frame of mind I knew I had to keep things simple bait wise. It’s no good going there with a load of different baits when you’re a little off the pace as you’ll disappear up your own a**e and make matters worse for yourself. You need to simplify and concentrate on putting some fish on the hook.

So, with that in mind it didn’t take me long in deciding to on Weir pool and peg 10. An amazing lake where even when fishing hard can product some great catches of barbel, Carp and big F1s. The other reason I wanted to keep things simple was a new test bait I’m playing with currently. This new Glug may or may not make it to the shop shelves but me and a few of the other lads are looking at it and having a play… so far, I’m liking it a lot! I love product testing as you really get to see what’s good and what’s not. It’s amazing how different a product can be when you tweak it only slightly. Textures, flavours, colours, the more I do this the more I realise how important it is and its very much NOT a case of chuck it and chance it.

All my feed pellets got a coating along with my hook pellets. It was always going to be a hard pellet day so I was looking to add a little ‘skin’ of the flavour to feed and a good helping to my hook pellets. Rigs and lines are dead simple. Start short and work your way out with an edge line for late on. The wins was a bit blowy so most of the faith was to fish on the deck but shallow rigs were assembled in case (hoped) they would be needed. Remember, all I’m looking for here is bites. I’m not going to try and force anything just simply let the fish tell me how they want to be fed and try and catch at a steady rate.

The match began and threw a dozen pellets on top kit and one slowly lowering my rig over the top. Gudgeon and tiny skimmers started playing football with the hookbait before a positive dip resulted in the first fish of the day, a small 3lb carp. A positive start. As the match progressed, as expected, the fish faded from this line quite quickly so it was a case of catch and move to keep resting swims. This seemed to be working and although the pool was fishing a bit harder than normal bites were there to be had if you worked for them.  It was a tricky day and if you’ve ever had the feeling the fish aren’t shallow but won’t feed hard on the deck, this was one of those days. there was no secret code, just head down and keep working.

As expected I managed a few down the edge and again, all on the glugged baits. I couldn’t catch on casters but seeing as it was a bit tough I didn’t try and push for these to work.. the edge was strange as solid one minute and devoid the next. A sure sign of a difficult day. The whistle went all too soon and I had enjoyed a lovely days sport. Challenging but rewarding and exactly the type of fishing I love. I thought I had around the 100lb mark but was sure this was nowhere near enough to frame or win as the other lake in usually chucks up a few weights well in excess of that. Richie arrived with the scales to tell me, as expected 117lb was winning and I knew I didn’t have that. 109lb 1oz was second and tipping the fish in the scales I was hoping it would be close enough to fall in my favour. Wrong again… my lot went 108lb 10oz which won me the lake and sneaked me in third.

The frame place was a little irrelevant to be honest as it was the work out that I needed and enjoyed the most. Certainly ticked a few boxes for me and started to get the old brain working again in readiness for the winter ahead. As for the Glug… seems they quite like it! I’ll be trying a bit more of that me thinks…

Sorry about the lack of catch shot, I was far too busy wondering how I’d managed not to catch 200lb…

Whats the famous phrase? Onto the next one!


Andy Neal

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