Deana’s Sticky Method Pellet Tip

I prepare the Sticky Method Pellets in a different way to most anglers. Although the preparation on the bag works perfectly fine, I prefer doing them this way: First of all I get a good sized bait tub and put the required amount of pellets into the tub for my session. I then completely cover the pellets with water, giving them a stir so all the pellets sink. The most important thing now is to drain some of the water off immediately, so that the water is just level with the pellets. Put the lid on the bait tub and leave them for half an hour, give them a shake and leave them for another half an hour, now shake and use them.

Although doing them this way does take longer to prepare, what you end up with are lovely pellets, soft all the way through. They stick so well to the feeder it gives me the confidence that they are getting to the bottom intact, even in deep water.

As I have said previously they do take longer to prepare this way, but they can be prepared on the morning before you go fishing, or prepare them while you are setting up on the bank. I personally think the extra time preparing them this way is well worth it. What you end up with are lovely soft pellets with the consistency being the same everytime, and because the pellets have soaked up all the water, you have heavy inert pellets that stick brilliantly to the feeder and break down on the bottom where you want them.

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