Ben Soane’s Quick Tip on Spod Mixes

I’ve been playing around with my spod mixes this Summer, trying to give myself any extra little edges that I can in my baiting strategy and on my last couple of trips to a tricky new lake I have managed to catch some decent fish including one of the A-Team from the venue since making some subtle changes to my loose feed. I will definitely be continuing to implement these changes in the future as in my mind they have been a contributing factor in my recent catches.

My Spod mixes normally always have a good mix of boilies, particles, pellets, and liquids but in the past I have just thrown it all in a bucket, mixed it all up that day and spodded it out into the lake. Lately however I have been pre-soaking mixed sized and chopped Triple-N boilies in the drained juices from the tins of Superseed Hemp, Superseed Particle and Bloodworm Liquid for 24-48 hours first to give them a washed out texture and appearance (a big edge in itself for short sessions) but also packing them with added natural attraction.

Because boilies are absorbent and do not breakdown for days/weeks they swell up with the juices and slowly release these natural attractors throughout the session which can only be a positive. In the past I would have just relied on the Super Attract Carp Pellets to soak up these excess juices but as pellets breakdown in a few hours, the natural attractors would have dispersed and diluted in the lake water much quicker. This new trick keeps me staying confident that my spod mix is kicking out more attraction for much longer periods, eliminating the need to top the bait up before bites occur and risk spooking any cautious carp in the area

Ben Soane
Carp Consultant

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