Mike Salisbury Banks ‘The Double Lin’

When I first obtained my ticket on Priory Park in June 2016, there was one fish that was top of my hit-list – “The Double Lin”. Often referred to as “The Lady of the Lake” by the anglers that fish Priory, this is a fish that is well over 30 years old and often graces the bank at over 30lbs. To date it had evaded me, but that was all about to change on my most recent session. This fish had not appeared on the bank in over 6 months leading to much speculation that it had perished. I was still catching a few fish on my work overnighters so I was reasonably happy with the way things were going, but The Double Lin was always at the back of my thoughts. This week I managed to get into my favourite swim for a short overnighter between work, which obviously boosted my confidence. I fished one rod to my usual hotspot towards the back channel of the island, baiting my multi-rig with a 15mm Triple-N pop-up which I fished over a bed of chopped 15mm Triple-N boilies and Growlers. To change things up a bit I decided to bait the rig of my left-hand rod with a 15mm SuperFruit pop-up. I hadn’t used them on Priory to date but I rate them really highly due to success I’d had elsewhere using them. Going against the grain I baited a spot 2 rod-lengths short of the island with a bed of 6mm Halibut Carp Feed pellets where I’d seen some sing of fish bubbling up. Often pellet is seen as a bit of a “no-no” on this lake due to the amount of tench, eels and monster roach that reside there. Nevertheless you can’t rule out their use anywhere as the pulling power they have for big carp is just awesome.

Dusk was approaching when my right-hand rod blasted off, which resulted in a very characteristic scaley 20lbs mirror in my net. Naturally, my confidence was high as night drew in. It was around 10pm when my left-hand rod peeled off and I was in again. As I was playing the fish I had an idea it was fairly decent, and I was thinking perhaps a mid-20 would be best-case scenario. That was of course until it rolled over the net…I could see under the light of my head-torch that this was a lump. My heart jumped into my mouth as I saw two sets of big plated linear scales on this fish, but never having seen The Double Lin on the bank before I needed confirmation. Luckily the head bailiff was also fishing on the opposite side of the lake that night, and after a quick call he was round to deliver the news. He confirmed that it was the Double Lin! I have to confess that I got a bit emotional and welled up when this news was delivered, but as silly as that may seem it meant the world to have caught it. Many people have fished Priory religiously for years and not caught it, so I consider myself very lucky to have had this fish gracing my net. Pictures were soon underway, and after that we weighed her in. She went 30lbs 4oz which is another awesome result – my second 30lbs fish from Priory Park this season. So, my quest for The Double Lin is over, and now the next challenge awaits!

Tight Lines

Mike Salisbury
Bait-Tech Carp Consultant

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