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Returning to the Moreton Fishery complex I decided to have a fish on the specimen water for the Skimmers and Bream that reside in the lake. The lake itself holds carp up 28lb and has a high number of lower doubles to aim for if you like your carp fishing, but today was all about the silvers. The lake holds a very large head of silvers with Skimmers and Bream being the prominent species and with some nice sized bream up to 6lb, I was eager to get going.

My plan of attack was going to be simple just using two pole kits, the first one with Dead Red Maggots and the second I was going to use Bait-Tech Brazem Corn over Bait-Tech SuperSeed Hemp. Along with the simple bait tactics I was going to feed my two lines heavily with groundbait. My mix consisted of Bait-Tech Pro Natural and also Bait-Tech Pro Feeder Dark Fishmeal as the Silvers in the lake have been feeding on the pellets and Boilies which the carp anglers have been putting in by the bag loads, so my thinking was to use a similar mix to draw the Bream and Skimmers in close.

I had messaged the Fishery previously asking about water levels as prior to me attending my session we had some very warm weather and I was double checking just to make sure everything was going to be okay on my arrival, but I was told the level was around two foot down and the silver fishing was hard because of this, but this was not going to stop me attending. Arriving on the peg I could see just how much the water level had dropped and I was thinking “shall I change my approach?” sticking with my plan I set about mixing my Groundbait with a mixer and leaving it to stand while I sorted my kit out and knowing if the silvers feed I would not have to sieve my mix either as once the fish are in the swim they stay! Setting up my top kits and plumbing up I could see my depths where a little shallow than I thought with a steady 3 foot dropping to 3.5 foot in my 2 areas I was aiming to fish.

Deciding to fish the longer line out of the two first I set about cad potting four pots of Hemp Seed in and within seconds I could see bubbles appearing telling me that the fish where in the swim straight away, I had also decided on “balling in” the groundbait with me not fishing too far out, again I asked the question to the owners if it worked and they said yes! I had moulded together 12 golf ball size groundbait balls to drop in a couple at a time just to see how things went, if the fish wanted more I would carry on balling in etc. so I dropped two in directly above my pole float and I was ready to start, with corn on the hook the float settled but would not sit straight, thinking my rig had tangled I shipped back in to find a tiny skimmer had taken the corn on the 16s hook on the drop. Shipping out again over the baited area it was noticeable that the swim was alive with fish, each time the float went out the float dipped and went under resulting in a small skimmer on the hook, within 20 minutes the bites had dried up and I sat there thinking , is that it? So I put a further 2 balls of groundbait over the top and within seconds I was into fish again, but noticing the stamp of fish was getting bigger, with skimmers up to the 1lb mark where now falling to the Brazem corn.

I was happily catching well on the corn but decided to try the dead red maggot line out, as I had seen lots of fish moving about on the closer line. Setting my shot up on the maggot line as a bulk just above the hook link I was thinking I needed to get the bait down to the deck as fast as possible without catching too many of the smaller Skimmers, first put in and nothing, second nothing? third nothing? So I balled in 3 balls of groundbait and it was like switching a light on, the float sailed away and a nice 3lb Bream was in the net taking 3 dead red maggots, again I had a busy 40 minutes but as soon as the groundbait had been eaten the swim died, I had sussed it out now that constant feeding with the groundbait I was into fish all the time. With constant swapping and changing between both swims I was managing to get a nice bag of silvers together but out of the blue I hit into a right lump on my light elastic and all hell broke loose, one of the big carp had moved in and taken a liking to my dead red maggots which was inevitable, needless to say the fight never lasted long but it messed up my swims a little but I continued to ball in my groundbait mix and within 40 minutes I was back into the swing of things with the silvers and catching steady until it was time to leave.

My plan for the day had worked a treat with catching a lovely net of silvers, it has taught me that if you have a plan in your head to stick with it and also don’t think that you can over feed a swim as you will be surprised just how much a group of hungry fish carp or silvers can eat. Another tip is to always gain local knowledge of the fishery you will be fishing, like I did about the depths etc. you will find plenty of info on the web or Facebook about venues.

Tight Lines

Dave Williams

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