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Bait-Tech’s Lee Riley has been busy fishing a wide range of venues over the last couple of months with some great success. Here he tells you why you need to keep your options open to get the most from your fishing…

In this article I am going to explain why I decide to swap and change venues and tactics. I am a big believer in moving around on the circuit as this will keep you in touch with many different styles of fishing. Since my last article a lot has changed my approach to matches has changed as well as the terminal tackle I carry and use, pots and feeding has become more than a smidge or a sprinkle. Hook lengths have stepped up from 0.10 to 0.12 and 0.14s this is when I start to get giddy as I now know it isn’t long before 100lb+ bags are needed, my favourite time of year.

First match I’m going to tell you about was to a venue I have never been before it was a trip to Mescar Fishery in Lydiate. I’ve heard some good stories about this place so thought I’d give it ago but apparently so did everyone else they normally get between 25-30 anglers not today they got 45. So on a 58 peg lake with corners it was pretty much going to be every peg oh well it’s something different I guess I’ve opted to fish peg 51 as it’s a rover so my attack was two lines at 13 mtrs one line at 17.5 mtrs on the bar and one line short at 9mtrs as there was no margins or really short fishing due to amount of anglers present.

On the all-in I started at 13mtrs and had a few little hippo stockies there stumpy little fish really weird, I’ve stuck at this for about an hour and had 5 in the first hour for about 7lb I was in with the rest of the some had 10lb but no one was running away with it then disaster struck the wind turned a full 180o and blew a right Hooley up the lake which ruined my next attack as I could barely hold 13mtrs never mind 17.5mtrs.

I’ve had to then take a few minutes out to set up a new rig as mine was now towing through and basically sitting horizontal after setting up the new rig I’ve managed to get a few more before having a few come off I think it was due to the wind ruining my presentation as no one else was catching short I didn’t want to come off feeding fish everyone who was bagging was fishing the tip something I didn’t set up.

With only an hour and half left I’ve decided to try short as I only had 20-25lb at this point so was going nowhere as the two anglers I could see each side of me on the tip had 40-45lb each I’ve tapped in some Carp and Coarse pellets and boom caught steady till the end which seemed to be a rare event as others were shocked how well I had caught. Ended the match with just under 70lb which was enough for 2nd overall absolutely made up as I’ve never fished here before, I know one thing I will be going back!

My second outing gave me the opportunity to venture out both days the double bubble as I like to refer to it, first match was on my local Blundells fishery in Warrington. I went back to blundells to try an see if a different approach would be better but things changed when I went to draw and pulled out ball 1 so I’ve opted to go and sit on a dolly peg 21 on trio pool with the wind pushing straight into it Set up 4 lines two margin rigs both set in different depths and two rush swims down the long side one at 14.5mtrs and one at 16mtrs, then a short deep line, I caught steady all day rotating lines to end the match with a healthy 120lb to win my lake and the match overall. Over the moon with that as 59 anglers fished.

The next day I had a jolly boys outing to Heronbrook in Staffordshire. I drew peg 43 on Meadow pool. It’s the right end of the lake but I was told you’re going to get neck ache from watching end peg 45 sack up! Anyway, I set up two lines across on the sedges at 16mtrs and one line down each side then a short deep line. Caught good to start then had mare with unsettled fish which led to a few lost fish, knew something wasn’t right amended my ways and put a new rig up, which made a huge difference then caught really well in last two hours to end the match with 134lb which was enough for 3rd overall in the match, what a fantastic day.

At this point I’d just like to say it really couldn’t have been two days so different on the Saturday at Blundells Bait-Tech’s 2mm Carp and Coarse pellets with the same pellets in 4mm was best approach yet on the Sunday at Heronbrook I caught very well on chop worm and casters in Bait-Tech Special G Dark groundbait mixed to a sloppy consistency proving that having a range of different baits will enable you to change accordingly to each different day and venue.

Tight Lines

Lee Riley

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