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For round three of the Chard AC league I was at Sadborow pond, a venue I hadn’t fished since 2007! The club have done loads of work out there over the last few years and it’s been fishing really well with over 100lb needed to win recent matches. The hot pegs have been 4, 5 and 6 by the island and peg 8 in the corner so I was a little disappointed when I pulled out peg 2 in the open water which had only done 20-30lb and finished well down in the first two matches.

After a short drive we reached the pond and it looked pretty much how I remembered it although apparently it’s a lot deeper now. There was loads of floating debris on the surface which was bound to be a bit of a pain but on the plus side, there were lots of dark shapes cruising around and I really fancied I’d get a few shallow.

First rig out of the box was a little in-line dibber for fishing up in the water followed by a 0.4 gram Drennan Carp for the five metre line and a Carpa 2 for fishing up the edge to my right. Quite a full side tray this week as I covered most bases with some micros I’d soaked the night before, 6mm Carp and Coarse pellets, meat (with added Liquid Plum), red maggots (dead and alive) and a pot of 8mm Bait-Tech Juice Dumbells.

On the whistle I cupped in some meat at five metres and micros and dead maggots down the edge before starting with the shallow rig (surprise, surprise!) with a 6mm pellet in the band, I was just about to ship out when a pod of carp headed my way. I flicked the rig in front of them and watched a carp suck the pellet in before striking into thin air as I pulled the hook straight out again! I went out to ten metres and started firing out half a dozen pellets regularly and lifting and dropping the rig.

Mike Hosgood on my left was into a fish straight away, followed shortly by the Brendon Ions opposite on peg 6, Mike Smith on 8 and Mark Hollister up on peg 4 was flying, then I hooked into one and safely landed a 3lb carp. I then pulled out of one and everywhere I looked there was elastic streaming from pole tips, I had a few more shallow and after an hour I had ten carp but it was hard to gauge how well I was doing.

The floating debris was nightmare and at times it was a job to find a clear patch to lower your rig in and things slowed up for me in the second hour when I only added another five carp, Mike had a run of fish from his meat line and said he had them lined up, he should have known better as the fish fairy then paid him a visit!

Plenty of carp could still be seen swimming about and along with getting the odd one fishing shallow, it was difficult to resist the odd bit of stalking and I started to close the gap on the early leaders. Mike was still getting odd fish from his meat line so I tried mine for the first time after feeding it for three hours but never had a touch and as for my margin line, it was a waste of time as there was a thick carpet of floating rubbish right where I’d been feeding.

I kept trying the Juice Dumbells which are great for mugging as they are a nice visual bait and sink very slowly and I had quite a few fish on them, including a good skimmer around 2.5lb. Going into the last couple of hours most people had slowed up but I was still mugging the odd fish and doing okay. I was up to 31 fish (30 carp and that skimmer) with 90 minutes to go and I really thought a big weight was still on the cards but then the whole pond seemed to switch off.

Brendon had one fishing really shallow, then another and then another, I tried it and had one but during that last period of the match he must have had eight fish whereas I only had two, Mike Smith on peg 8 also had three of four and when the whistle went I had no clue who had what although I didn’t think Brendon would be far off. Typically, as I was packing up there were loads of carp in front of me again and it’s almost like they know the match has finished!

We started the weigh in with Brendon and after several weighs, his total was totted up and came to 103lb 14oz, the next best weight was Mike Smith with 90lb 12oz which included a lovely chub at 4lb 14oz. Steve Bush on peg 9 weighed 81lb 2oz and then it was my turn, my skimmer was 2lb 10oz and my carp went 91lb 12oz to give me a total of 94lb 6oz to go into second place. Mike Hosgood had 83lb 7oz and then the rest of the island pegs hadn’t fished as well as expected so I finished up in second place and had a nice pick up of £85, all in all, a thoroughly enjoyable day.

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