The NEW Utility Bucket – James Conway

At Bait-Tech we always want to make your fishing as easy as possible, not only with the highest quality bait products to actually catch the fish you want to catch but also in the transportation of your bait to make your fishing a whole lot more efficient, here Bait-Tech’s James Conway looks at his favourite features and uses of the new utility bucket!

A great new product to come from Bait-Tech this season is their incredibly practical Utility Bucket.

The main bucket is ideally suited to storing boilies, spod mixes, pellets etc. and with a capacity of 8 litres, it’s the perfect size to hold enough bait for an over night session.

However, what really makes this product handy is the removable insert tray that fits inside.

This can be used to store a whole manner of items and saves the need for taking extra buckets or bags for things like hookbaits, PVA, spods etc.

Another great use for the insert tray is to store your PVA bag mix in, meaning that you can have your wet and dry mix both carried in the same bucket.

The rectangular design makes for efficient storage in both the car and on the barrow. Made in olive green and finished in Bait-Tech’s unique fish camo design, it really does look the part as well as being functional.

Whether you use one for an overnight session or to carry around minimal kit for a days stalking or floater fishing, these are a very useful bit of kit to add to your armoury.


To get your hands on one of these, check out our online deal here.

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