Small Hookbaits, BIG Results – Ben Soane

Here’s a great little edge from Bait-Tech Carp Team’s Ben Soane which highlights the very true fact that smaller hook baits can be key to quick bites from Big Carp!

If you’re a fan of small hook baits when fishing for Carp then make sure you check out the NEW Juice Dumbells from Bait-Tech. They come in 8mm or 10mm sizes and are available in Sinkers, Wafters and Pop-up versions. There are 4 different colours in each pot (white, yellow, orange and pink) which all really stand out underwater.

I’ve been using the 10mm size to great effect recently, fishing a single Yellow dumbell over a bed of 10mm Triple-N boilies and small amounts of Sweetcorn. I prefer to use the pop-up version and squeeze a No.1 shot on the hair between the hook and hook bait so the dumbell is vertical on the lake bed while the hook sits flat. The hook bait sinks slow like a Wafter but it stands prouder amongst the grains of corn and 10mm boilies around it which has earned me some very quick bites when the carp have been in front of me. I managed 3 carp over 20lb on my first day using them so don’t be fooled into thinking they are just a small fish bait.

If you’re using particle baits, small boilies or Method feeders this Spring, make sure you have a pot or two of The Juice Dumbells in your bait bag as they may just get you a bite when all else is failing.

Tight Lines

Ben Soane
Bait-Tech Carp Team

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