Todber Manor Festival – Steve Tucker

Bait-Tech’s Steve Tucker recently fished the Todber Manor Easter Festival and enjoyed some great fishing along the way, here’s his report on how it panned out…

 Day 1 – Drew peg 13 at Whitepost which isn’t the best draw but its ok hoping to get 3rd/4th in section at best, I set up a Garbolino DC17 .3 in 4ft of water to fish against the reeds to 8-10 elastic to fish meat and Superseed hemp kindering it. I used the same rig at 7m and 5m to fish meat later in the match and set up a pellet rig at 14m to which was a Garbolino DC6 .2 in 3ft of water, my last rig was DC6T .2 for fishing down the margins in 2ft of water. My baits on the day were 4 tins of meat mixed 50/50 with Bait-Tech N-Tice poloni, 4mm Xpands and finally some 4mm/6mm Carp and Coarse feed pellets. I caught all over the peg by rotating lines to keep bites coming and the last ½ hour my 5m meat line was solid catching 6 carp between 4-6lb. At the weigh in I managed to put 78lb on the scales for 3rd in section which was what I was expecting really as the pegs at the other end are usually better so not a bad start.
Day 2 –  Drew peg 49 on Hillview lake which is end of the spit which is a very good peg all I set up for this was a 6m pole line in 6ft of water fishing a DC17.6 as it was blowing a gale into me, also I set up a DC6T in 3ft of water down the edge all rigs were doubled up to fish banded pellets as well which hopefully this was going to be my banker line later in the match. My baits again were 5 tins of meat 50/50 with Bait-Tech N-Tice poloni , 4mm & 6mm feed pellets and 3 tins of Bait-Tech Scopex Corn and 2 tins of hemp. I caught at 6m in front for 3hours but mostly tiny tench skimmers and odd stockies and a few 2-3lb carp, I kept feeding the margin with 20 bits of meat every 30mins and hemp and corn until the last 2 hours then went on it where I started catching odd carp between 1-6lb feeding 6 pieces though a kinder cup but presentation was a nightmare as the wind was blowing the rig everywhere so I had to change to a DC6T.6 and lay 8 inches of line on the deck to keep the rig still which worked a treat. At the weigh in I had 82lb for 2nd in section 83lb winning it I felt the peg was worth 100lb but the wind spoiled it and I took too long to change to a heavier float but still all to play for going into the last day.
Day 3 – Drew the same peg as day 2 as day 3 is a random draw so I was more than happy, all rigs were the same as the day before and baits. I decided to feed my edge different today by potting 20-30 bits of meat every fish which worked very well  as I had the fish queuing up the last 2hours catching carp between 3-16lb and the wind was great today which didn’t affect my presentation. At the weigh in I had 145lb which won the section, and the match on the day!!
At the results I found out I had done enough to finish 2nd in the festival, won the heaviest fish with a 16lb 2oz common & won the chancey pairs with Freddy Roberts which in total I won more than a £1000 a great few days and I cant wait for the next one!

Tight Lines

Steve Tucker

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