Lee Rileys Match Diary

Bait-Tech’s Lee Riley has been busy competing on his local circuit in the North West with lots of success. With the fishing coming out of ‘Winter Mode’ the good times are very much on the horizon…

I decided to head back to Blundell’s Fishery in Warrington as I had seen a few better weights starting to come out. I drew ball 29 this will give me a middle pick draw on where I’d like to sit and fish, I opted to try Trio Pool peg 5 as I have never fished this peg before I’ve set up two lines on the bar at 14.4mtrs in 4 foot of water and one in 3 foot of water at 18mtrs to the island then my trusty short line at 6mtrs. I have had a good start on the left hand bar line till it died, I then had to switch to the right hand bar line and again it mirrored my other line and soon died so after two hours I was left searching for a few fish I’ve tried long at 18mtrs but again no rewards. I was left with no choice but to keep rotating my lines and picking off the odd fish from the two bar lines and 6mtrs swim till the end of the match. I’ve ended the match with 39lb which didn’t win anything on the day but I learned loads as some people had started to catch on the feeder now which means there starting to wake up that is a sign I’ve been waiting for. I caught best on Bait Tech 2mm Carp and Coarse pellets with 4mm Xpands on the hook. I will be giving it another go soon with my tip rods as well.

Another round of the Partridge individual league and I was hoping for a really good draw something that could give me a section win and a good weight. But you guessed it that wasn’t on the cards I drew peg 147 on covey 6 this isn’t what I wanted as pegs 143, 149, 151 are all better this meant I was looking at a 4th in section at best to say I wasn’t happy was an understatement that was 4 bad draws out of 4 on this league I knew it wasn’t meant to be by now. I still went to the peg and gave it my all I set up two lines across in 3 foot of water one down under the pallet of 146 and my ever faithful track line at 6 metres. I had a steady day catching of all lines to give me a weight of 37lb which to my surprise was 2nd in the section as peg 151 murdered it with 61lb I tried my very best it was very nice again to catch on pellets again things are definitely starting to pick up. Today just shown again how fish shoal up and follow the wind as the winner of my section just dobbed bread all day and didn’t feed a single bit.

After this result I was on 8 points in the league this is made up of the following 1x 1st in section, 2x 2nd in section and 1 x 3rd in section so still all to play for as I could make a framing end.

My following back saw me back at Blundell’s for the open match after last visit I was really looking forward to it because I felt as though I could have fed it a bit more and attacked it in different ways. I was shocked when I arrived as the wind was shocking. I managed to draw myself on peg 3 on Trio pool with the intention of fishing the hybrid feeder and a pole attack if the wind would allow me. After setting up and just 10 mins before the all in the wind picked up that much my gear was blowing down the banking not happy one bit. After collecting it all back and checking there was no damage I was left with no option but to just concentrate my attack around the small hybrid feeder to the island in the first hour I had managed 3 carp it was looking good until the second hour I hooked my 4th carp and it managed to snag me up on somebody else broken tackle that was stuck to the island it went right through the swim and disturbed it all after losing the first feeder I tackled back up and started again it tool 30 mins for another bite which I managed to land then disaster another fish did me on the same snag I was devastated but this time it just did the hook link I had to stick with this as it’s the only place I could get a bite and it was the only method I could catch on. I ended the match with 19lb which was 2nd in the section as 23lb won the section so again beaten by better pegs and today the weather. Best bait today was 2mm Carp and Coarse Pellets mixed with a small helping of Special G Dark.

Check back soon for my next report where we will be well into the spring and hopefully bagging plenty as the water continues to warm!

Tight Lines

Lee Riley

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  1. Lee April 19, 2017 at 8:32 am

    Great post, full of info.
    Definitely need to pick up some Xpands and Special G Dark.

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