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Bait-Tech’s England Feeder International Dean Barlow gets out on the bank with the new Pro Feeder and Special G Dark Groundbaits on a recent afternoon session with excellent results…

With a lot of my time being taken up by family commitments and preparation for the upcoming World Feeder Championships in Portugal, it was nice to get on the bank for an afternoon session with my good friend Stu Lennox. He’d told me about a venue where we could catch some good bream. So I set off for rural Oxfordshire to Bents Pool near the famous Linear Fishery. As it was bream I was after I decided on a feeder approach, groundbait wise I chose the new Pro Feeder Dark mixed 50/50 with Special G Dark.

Pro Feeder was chosen because firstly, I wanted a bait with a good feed content as the weather had been warm and my thinking was that the fish would need some grub, with the locals mostly using pellets as bait and the water being clear the Special G Dark will cover that base too.

To compliment the mix a pint of 2mm Carp and Coarse Pellets were soaked and a tin of Scopex corn for hook bait and I was ready! I fed 3 pints of the mix through a big feeder to start with to get a big bed of bait down. After a biteless 30 minutes the tip bent round and I was into my first fish, surprisingly a good bream of about 4lb, another 3 followed quickly but then I had some trouble with line bites, with it being approximately 15ft deep the fish had come up in the water, a good tip to try if this happens is to slightly over wet your mix this helps all the particles that come off you feeder sink quicker and the fish will follow in down to baited area.

This worked a treat as I caught more big bream throughout the day with a couple nudging 6lb. Best hook bait was single or double corn. I ended the day with 20 bream which was a great return for an afternoon session.

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Dean Barlow

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