Spice up your meat fishing with Andy Neal

With spring fading and summer now upon us it’s the perfect time to be getting all meaty! Meat and hemp takes some beating at this time of year and it’s a tactic that has accounted for thousands of big match wins all over the country. Andy Neal has a few tricks up his sleeve that will definitely put more fish in your net.


Bait-Tech N-Tice Polony Meat is packed with herbs, spices and garlicy goodness. The flavours leak out and permeate the water leaving a long lasting scent.


The ultimate accompaniment to meat is hemp. Add a real kick to your swim by enhancing the flavours even more with chilli hemp. I like to mix this 50/50 with my cubed Polony


To kick start the swim I will feed a big pot of a 50/50 mixture and fish a single cube over the top. I tend to let the bites tell me when to re-feed. As the bites slow this is often a key to re-feed.


Some days this is better done by a small pole mounted pot and on others another big pot full is best. Every day is different so experiment to find out what is best. One thing I know is that once the fish start eating the spicy flavours, they can’t get enough of them!

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