Special ‘G’ Dark Winning! – Nathan Gooderham

Bait-Tech’s Nathan Gooderham gets out on a local silver fish match and uses the awesome new Special ‘G’ Dark for the first time read on to see how it all panned out…

After a late cancellation for the Pairs match at Boddington, I managed book onto to the monthly silverfish open at Kirton, As I arrived I could hardly find a parking space! There were 33 anglers lining up which is one of the best turnout’s for a long while which is great to see especially with it blowing a gale at the time with heavy rain forecast for the middle of the day.

I drew peg 38 which meant nothing to me as this is one of the fairest venues I know and can be won from virtually any peg on the day! However it was on the right side of the lake with the wind off the back so I knew I would be in for a comfortable day’s fishing, I arrived to my peg and had a plumb around to find around about 6ft at 13 meters which is ample for the time year, I was happy I had this depth as the further you go up to the left of the lake it shallows up where you can have no more than 3ft anywhere. However down the other end at the dam wall you can have up to 14ft.

I planned to keep things simple as always when fishing for silvers, So with this in mind I setup one feeder rod and one pole line at 13 meters, bait for the feeder was the new Bait Tech Special G Dark with double dead maggot for hook-bait, I kicked off the match by chucking it out to the middle and within 20 minutes it only went round once for one tiny skimmer of about 3oz! this was soon put on the roost kit and I proceeded to ship the pole out and put in half a pot of Bait Tech Carp and Coarse 2mm’s dusted in the Special G Dark, my plan was to go straight in over the top with a 6mm Xpand and wait, it didn’t take much waiting though as the float buried in seconds and my first proper skimmer around a pound and a half was in the net, a few more slightly smaller ones followed directly after, this meant it was time to put the cad pot on and top the peg up after every fish with a small ball of micro’s.

As the day went on the skimmers got bigger and bigger with the odd one nudging 3lb. A very steady day catching all my fish on one line which is always nice to be able to do. It seemed everything just fell into place and went just right! It was clear that the fish wanted to be there in front of me as pegs both sides have really struggled, I managed to weigh in 35lb 14oz of all skimmers to win the match comfortably with 19lb being 2nd, definitely a red letter day and one that I have enjoyed the most.

If you haven’t yet tried the Special G Dark I would highly recommend you getting a bag and giving it a go, it made all the difference for me this time around!

Tight Lines

Nathan Gooderham

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