Low Stock Winter Tip – Brad Lewis

Bait-Tech’s Brad Lewis has enjoyed a brilliant winter on a low stock venue, but doing things a little different to the crowd has helped him to get those extra bites here he explains all…

A winning tactic for low stock waters in the winter, made even better by the addition of some new Bait-Tech products.

Throughout this winter I have been fishing a very difficult Shropshire mere, to improve my chances of a bite I used this little presentation.

Predominantly it’s a simple snowman setup with a small stick on and a four bait stringer, however the reasoning behind it is far more complex. I often noticed the regular lads horsing out kilos upon kilos of bait and sitting on it for days on end and not catching. So I began my approach my searching for obvious signs of feeding carp. Although many fish would bosh out this was not a relative indication as the depth is over 40ft deep and the fish would often just be climatising. The signs I was looking for was fizzing and blows.

Once the signs had been identified this little beauty of a presentation came into its own. 99.9% of people were casting chods or hinge stiffs at the blowers. I felt that this could often be missed as the bait would be suspended a few inches above the silt. I wanted something on the deck just wafting around screaming eat me carp EAT ME.

With this in mind I opted for a snowman, with the addition of a little stick of crushed Triple-N just to keep the hook point proud and free from any debris on the bottom. The final supplementation was a four bait stringer, with the baits cut into squares. This is so that the baits stay near the hookbait and don’t roll down any slopes. After all I am casting into the unknown at fizzing fish, there is no markering or leading about.

I use this setup and approach on all silty waters. Carp will actively feed in and amongst silt, and a little trap such as this will often nail you a quick bite. The washed out Triple-N popups are a perfect hookbait for the snowman, not to bright just enough to grab the attention of feeding fish.

Tight Lines

Brad Lewis
Bait-Tech Carp Consultant

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