TRIPLE-N Success! – Kev Horton

Bait-Tech’s new TRIPLE-N Boilie has been creating a lot of interest lately with numerous catch reports flying in from all areas of the UK and abroad. Bait-Tech Consultant Kev Horton has made the switch and gives an insight into his recent success on the new boilie….

I was asked recently to try the Triple-N boilie and despite my amazing year using the Poloni boilie I was keen to try it out. I thought I’d try it on a ticket water called Blackthorn Fishery in Shropshire. I’m totally gob smacked at the instant impact it’s made on my fishing.

I have been like a kid in a sweet shop since the new Triple-N boilie arrived. The Bait-Tech gurus have been working on it for quite some time now. I can tell you that it smells wonderful, I can’t keep my nose out of the bag. In a nutshell if you’ll pardon the pun it’s a super nutritious triple nut blend with a creamy liquid food attractor and the signals it gives off are amazing.

I can honestly say it has already transformed my winter campaign. I’ve gone from a series of blank sessions to hauling on my last two sessions despite freezing conditions, including nailing one of the biggest fish in my local day ticket venue, and believe me it’s not what you would call an easy venue, far from it.

The new boilie has been on test for some time now with a few of the team testing it since last year, numerous UK 40’s and 30’s have already been credited to the new boilie range.

I’d been having a great season on the Poloni boilie so was reluctant to change. It’s always a tough call to change when you have so much confidence in a boilie. After speaking to Ian Hirst, who’s been using it all year he convinced me I needed to get on it. Since getting hold of the boilie I am amazed at how quickly my thought process has changed. I am already a massive fan of the new bait. So enough about me whittling on about bait let me tell you a little about my last couple of sessions.

Bagging on the Test Boilie….

My first session out with the new bait and I headed to a local water called Blackthorn Fishery. It has a decent head of carp and the facilities are superb, there is even a cabin on the bank which you can book. I had a weekend to myself as the wife and kids were away Xmas shopping with the family.  I’ve had a bit of a tough time lately, putting in lots of efforts and not getting the rewards, which we all seem to go through at a certain time, but all that was to be transformed.

Once at the fishery I dropped on one of the double swims which gave me plenty of open water to play with.

The first session started like this… A quick feel about with a lead and I found a lovely spot to present the bait and rigs. I placed all three rods at 50 yards range, and all within the width of a groundsheet. I put around 10 spombs over of it of whole and crumbed up new test boilies, and I added a little bit of Scopex corn to add a visual effect.

All the rods were armed with matching 15 mm Triple-N pop ups. The bait had been in the water less than an hour when I saw a fish show right over the baited area, wow! I couldn’t believe that the fish had arrived so soon.

It didn’t take long for the first fish to make an appearance at around lunchtime the left hand rod was off and after a very dogged fight I slid the net under a lovely mirror called Nemo, a 29 lb mirror in all its winter colours.  This was soon followed by a half linear scaled mirror of 21 lb, I was buzzing. I went away very happy and all week I just couldn’t wait to get back on the lake armed with the new boilie.

Once back on the lake I decided to use the same tactics, the same amount of the new boilie to start off and a few dead maggots for good measure. Unbelievably the action was as instant as the last session. The first take is always nice as it raises your expectancy levels for the session, being a Liverpool fan I have learnt over the past years to not get too expectant but fishing is different as you can make it happen without having to rely on overpaid average players, though this season we look like we might compete for a change. Any way I’m digressing.  After a nice little scrap, I was rewarded with a pretty 16lb common. I soon got the rod straight back out on the spot, felt it down with a gentle donk and with a few more spombs over the top ready for the following morning I was expectant of more action.

Morning came around and at about 8:30am the right-hand rod screamed off, it went a bit mental in the next hour or so and I managed another two fish, a 19lb common and a 19lb mirror too.

As per the previous day after the feeding spell, the action slowed. The night came and went again which kind of suits me as I always struggle to sleep on the bank at the best of times. I did get a couple of bleeps through the night and as quick as a flash I was out of the bag hovering over the rod like a kestrel hovers when it’s targeting mice. Liners I suspected, so the carp were still around. I retired to the bag with the sweet nutty smell of the new boilies lingering in the bivvy, I inhaled the air like the Bisto gravy kid did in the old adverts and drifted off into a deep sleep.

Daylight soon arrived and I sat there watching a few fizzers come up over my spot with a brew in my hand just waiting for one of the alarms to start singing its song but nothing, it got to around 11am and I noticed a couple more fizzers, they must have been ripping the bottom to shreds, and in winter too, I couldn’t believe it. I continued watching and waiting as you do. It took another 45 mins of impatient staring and cursing when suddenly one was away. It ran me all over the place, these fit and healthy carp were turbo-charged, if I’d have lost it I would of sworn it was a big 20 or even a 30. As it happens it was a lovely mid double mirror carp which ended another very enjoyable session on the new boilie. I’d banked a few fish so I was more than happy with my new lease of carp life on the new boilie. Having been told a little bit about the ingredients and attractants that have been sourced and added to the new boilie mix by the gurus in the Bait-Tech lab I can certainly say that they are nothing short of incredible fish attractors.  I can’t wait to see the other additions that are going to be added to the range as I’m now totally hooked on them.

I’ve recently heard down the grapevine that Bait-Tech are releasing the new boilie in 2017.

Until then have a great Christmas and best wishes for the New Year

Kev Horton
Bait-Tech Carp Consultant

6 Responses to TRIPLE-N Success! – Kev Horton

  1. Connor Gibson February 17, 2017 at 12:34 pm

    How much are the triple n boilies?

  2. Paul Taylor March 14, 2017 at 7:18 am

    When are the triple n out for release to the public?

  3. Alan Turner March 21, 2017 at 3:55 pm

    Just had some sample packs arrive at my shop they look and smell awesome, will have to give them a try myself too.

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