John Bassili’s Carp Diary

Bait-Tech’s John Bassili rounds up his Autumnal sessions and discusses the tactics and baits that have bought him oodles of success throughout the year!

Autumn Diary – Part 1

Following on from my good fortune this summer in which I managed to catch carp in big numbers, I have carried on my approach of scaling down and almost using Match tactics to get more bites an all-important edge.

Having spent a bit of time on the match scene this year, one thing I have definitely learned is how match anglers approach a venue on one particular day, and spend their first hour sussing out what carp want to eat and how they want to get fed on that day! Do we do that as carp anglers? I certainly haven’t, but I do now!

It’s fair to say, we turn up in our swims, have a plumb around, cast out with our trusted 18mm boilie on, catapult a few freebies and the wait begins. But hold on a minute, do they want a boilie that day? Do they want that flavour, size, scattered approach, in a PVA bag, a pop up, a bottom bait… the list is endless!

My sessions now see me approach venues totally different.  One rod will have my favourite boilie, a 14mm Poloni Pop Up, over a few freebies, the other rod will have my deadly method feeder rig using Bait-Tech Carp Pellets with a pellet on the hook, the third (if permitted) will have a different boilie on the bottom or a Poloni Wafter with a PVA bag attached with boilie crumb, (which by the way is currently the new test boilies from Bait-Tech, to be released soon, watch this space. It smells and tastes so good, I can’t stop eating them!

So that’s 3 rods using different baits and also choosing different depths to fish on. Depending on the difficulty of the venue, I will not hesitate to reel in after 1 to 2 hours and change the tactic again until I find what the carp want on the day. On this day, a screaming alarm sounded on the left rod, the method feeder with pellets! I don’t think in all my angling years, that I’ve ever come across a method so deadly on one particular venue. They just fall for this little trap time and time again.

A stunning looking common too, an upper double. Couple of hours later, booom! Another, yet again on the carp pellet. This one tipped the twenty pound barrier at 22lb 08oz and had a stunning creamy colour that the picture doesn’t do it enough justice.  I was delighted and really pleased with that one.

The size 12 hook was well and truly nailed on the bottom lip, which seems to be the standard with this method by the way, and you get a feel that once you’ve hooked one, they don’t quite know what to do with themselves, as they’ve been caught out off guard. Here’s couple of pictures of the rig and method feeder loaded, once that lands on the bottom and the pellets breakdown, you’re just left with a small, yet deadly concealed trap, one that I will certainly try out on every session for a while. Next session will see me angling well into late Autumn, look out for Part 2.

Until then…

Good Angling

John Bassili
Bait-Tech Carp Team

4 Responses to John Bassili’s Carp Diary

  1. Robert Woods January 18, 2017 at 7:26 pm

    Like the idea of fishing method for bigger carp. What method mix would you try in winter as pellets would attract the F1’s in lake I fish.

    • John Bassili April 5, 2017 at 3:30 pm

      Sorry Robert for such a late reply, I had an issue at my end and wasn’t getting messages.
      I have used groundbait as well in particular in winter and my favourite for carp is Bait-Tech’s Sweet Kult or the krill and tuna. One being sweet fishmeal and the other pure fish. The only thing I would say is if the water is clear I would mix either 50:50 with the dark pro natural groundbait. I’ve got it to work better that way. Good luck. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any other queries.

      John Bassili

  2. harry moreland April 5, 2017 at 8:01 am

    hello just got my 3 lads into fishing can you ask john bassili what size 12 hook and 12lb main line and 10lb hook length he was using we read this article cant remember magazine I think the hooks were wide gape specialist size 12 but we cannot tie 10lb line using knotless knot can you ring john 1=main line make ,2= 10lb hooklength make , 3 hooks and size pellets and which ones sorry about this but getting pestered with the lads my name is harry from Liverpool my number is 07745490960 I think he also used elasticated feeders and coconut dip thanks very much harry

    • John Bassili April 5, 2017 at 3:24 pm

      Hi Harry,

      First of all, congrats in getting your lads into fishing! Even more reason for going now…lol
      My feature on method feeders was in Decembers Improve your coarse fishing. I’m actually been using 15lb mainline or 12lb doesn’t really matter, although some fishery insist on min 15lb. Hooklink I use is 12lb xline on a drennan super specialist hook size 12. Using a rubber band tight to a loop first then a knotless knot through the hook. You can just thread the line twice through them hooks. The feeder i use is a guru 45g xsafe with the black hydro elastic and rods need to be fairly soft, no more than 2.5 test curve or you will pull out of fish. Bait I use is Bait-Tech’s carp and coarse pellets in 4mm for the feeder, soaked for 20mims, then drain the water, leave so stand for another 20mims. Then a few shirts of Bait-Tech’s sweet coconut liquid to stop the pellets drying out and to give them a cloud in the water with added attraction. On the hook 8mm carp and coarse pellet. All I can say is it’s a devasting method that just doesn’t fail! Good luck. Any other questions, feel free to ask.
      John Bassili

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