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Bait-Tech’s Tony Curd loves fishing on flowing water in his time away from the Commercial Match Scene. Winter brings some new hurdles though and he believes this method to be key to enticing a few bites on even the hardest of days!


Cold, Dark and Frosty mornings are now a common occurrence encountered by anglers venturing out during the winter months. While the winter has a charm of its own it also delivers some fresh challenges which can make fishing extremely difficult especially on running water. As the rivers reach their winter levels and begin to drop a little the vital coloured water – which brings the best sport – drains away leaving you with a cold, crystal clear venue which can appear impossible to get a result from.

When faced with these conditions you need to reconsider the baits you use to get bites and believe me there are still bites to be had! The first thing we need to understand is that fish in very cold water don’t want to use much energy to consume food, this means that having to chomp their way through hard hook baits isn’t a great option to take. Similarly fishmeal groundbait mixes are off the menu. So it’s back to an old faithful to supply the answers… Liquidized bread! On the coldest of days bread is often the only bait that will get you a bite and I’ve enjoyed some brilliant sport over the last couple of winters using it with a little twist that I feel appeals to cold water river fish extremely well. Making the bread mix is simple, just cut the crusts off the slices and put them in a blender until you have a nice fine textured crumb. The crumb as it is would be great for canal fishing or on a Stillwater but when fishing it in a feeder on a river you’ll need to add a bit of liquid to get it to the right consistency to hold in the feeder.

The twist comes in actually dampening the mix to get it to the right consistency – While plain bread is a great bait to use I’ve found that adding a slight flavouring to it is particularly good for Bream and Roach. My Liquid of choice is the Bait-Tech Liquid Brazem which is a classic bream additive but one I feel compliments this style incredibly well.


To get the mix to the required consistency it is definitely not a case of just tipping in a load of water, do this and you’ll soon have a stodgy mess which is best fished in the bin… To get it right every time I like to add the liquid by just wetting my hand and mixing it through the liquidized bread until you get the desired consistency. When adding flavoured liquids to get the optimum performance from them it is always best to add the liquid to some water rather than just pouring the liquid all over your groundbait, this ensures an even distribution throughout the full mix. Once I’ve got it perfect for use, I add a very small amount of Bait-Tech Superseed Hemp just to add a little bit of particle and colour change to keep them picking around over the feed but one thing is for sure less is definitely more when it comes to a difficult winter river.

For hook bait there is no better option than bread to fish in conjunction with the bread feed – being extremely soft it offers huge appeal to cold water fish which don’t want to expend too much energy on chewing their way through hard baits. To further stack the odds in your favour I prefer to scale down my hook baits from the traditional ‘flake’ by using a range of different sized meat punches anything from 6 to 10mm. Casting to the middle of a river with bread side hooked isn’t always possible though and for the best results hair rigging the discs is always the best option using small hair rigs to fairly small hooks between 16 and 14 to a nice light hook length of 0.13/0.10mm Power Optex Line. The rig is simplicity itself and a standard running feeder rig and feeders between three and five holes in size will be perfect to cover any situation you are likely to come across.


I’ve had a few sessions already this Autumn and Winter using this approach on a very low River Thames and has produced some great catches of Bream and Roach when other anglers using the usual groundbait, maggots and worms approach have struggled for a bite. Get out there and give it a try this winter!


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